Converted to Greeley By a Longtime Fan

Meet our publisher, Tara Norris. Tara, with some apprehension, moved to Greeley this past summer with her Fiancé, Craig Rasmuson. Having lived in four other cities in Colorado, Greeley’s reputation was less than polished in Tara’s mind. Craig assured her of all the great things about Greeley prior to their move, and the Community has blown her away with its greatness.  It is THE hidden gem of Northern Colorado!  Now, she has made it her mission to share the beauty of Greeley with everyone. 

1) Generosity

  • The generosity of the Greeley residents is unmatched in Northern Colorado.  They understand that what they give, and how they support the less fortunate in their community, elevates the entire community.

2) Loyalty/Community 

  • The loyalty of the community to one another is incredible. Being a part of supporting and helping one another – especially through 2020, has been an awesome experience.   Great people taking care of one another on all levels is certainly unique these days- and no community does it better than Greeley.     

3) Donate & Volunteer 

  • Always looking out for each other, seeking to collaborate, and being there for each other, through great times, and tough times- that is how the people of Greeley care for one another.  The non-profit network of Greeley is unmatched, and the great people of Greeley rally to help those that are less fortunate.  This was no more evident than in 2020.

4) Multi-Generational Businesses

  • So many businesses passed from parents to children for generations are thriving in Greeley. The legacy of caring for customers and standing behind the products and services that are given, runs deep with the families of Greeley.

5) Diversified Economy 

  • From small business to large business – from Industrial to Corporate, from Agriculture to Oil and Gas, from great Community College to outstanding University, from great public K-12 schools, charter schools, and private schools, and stellar healthcare,  Greeley is truly a place that all walks of life can find their niche and know that their neighbor and community will be there to insure they succeed. 
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