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Helping the Community through Weld Food Bank

Did you know 1 in 3 children are now going hungry in Weld County alone? When COVID-19 hit our community, Weld Food Bank immediately made the necessary safety changes they needed to keep their doors open. Knowing that their community would become more and more impacted by hunger. Struggling families are seeing a severe shortage in food, similar to that of the 2008 recession. While food banks are no longer able to host food drives, donations from the community are still powering this life saving nonprofit.        


One dollar can provide four meals for a family. This is an easy way to help the community without having to leave your home. On the Weld Food Bank website, you can even choose specific items you would like to donate to struggling families.


There are many ways to volunteer your time to the food bank. From packaging perishables, to delivering emergency food boxes to senior citizens; from calling partners, to putting food straight into the car of someone who desperately needs it.  


Check out the Weld Food Bank social media pages and share with friends! Spreading the word about this hardworking nonprofit is the best way to give the community the support it needs. Help kids in hunger by using your voice to share this information with everyone.

“It could be your neighbor, the mom down the street, or the kids at school. You can’t tell who needs help just by looking at them.” -- Stephanie Gausch 

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