Breathing Meditation to cultivate mindfulness and achieve bliss

Kaiti Bauer, Owner of The Travel Shala, shares simple mediation practice to get you charged and ready for your day

The benefits of meditation

  • Gain a new perspective
  • increase self awareness
  • focus on the present
  • increase imagination and creativity
  • Increase patience and tolerance
  • Strengthen concentration
  • release stress/anxiety


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Meditation is being fully immersed in the present moment. It allows us to reconnect with our truest self and our core being. Through the silence and the simplicity we tap into a world of endless possibility and beauty. It is in this journey to the self, we find bliss. Like any journey, some days are easier than others. Wherever you are in your meditation practice, especially if you are just beginning, remember to be kind to yourself, be patient, trust the process and know that each time you return to this practice, you reconnect with inner wisdom and universal abundance.

Just as we train our bodies, its important we train our minds. Just as there are numerous styles of working out such as running, yoga, kick boxing, or weight lifting, there are numerous kinds of meditation such as breath meditation, fire gazing, or walking meditation. There is no such thing as being bad at it. Meditation is a practice to constantly better our minds and reach a state of inner bliss.

Meditation can be done at any time of the day. For starters give it a try first thing in the morning before your brain is too consumed with your day or give it a try as you wind down in the evening.

PreMeditation Tip.
Before beginning, I take 1-2 minutes to write down any racing thoughts in my journal. Most often the pages are filled with to do lists. Now that they're on paper I can let them leave my mind, knowing I can return to them when I need to.

Set a timer on your phone. For beginners start with 2 mins a day. Once you have read through the step by step instructions, gently close your eyes and settle into stillness until the alarm rings. (remember to set your alarm as a nice calming ripple effect or something less startling than your alarm clock) Gradually increase your time after every couple days. A great goal is to reach 10mins once or twice a day.

First things first

Find a quiet place- this can be anywhere in your home, outside or any place you can feel peaceful. Let yourself relax in simplicity or add some ambiance; light a candle, dim the lights, put on an instrumental meditation track.

Find a comfortable seated position. This can be cross legged on the floor, sitting against a wall, or sitting upright in a chair. (Select the option best for you with as minimal back support as possible.)  For seated floor meditation you can sit on a thin pillow or double over a yoga mat for a little extra cushion beneath the sitting bones.

Lets begin

Inhale, allow the crown of the head to grow skyward,

Exhale, allow your focus to shift internally.

Release the tongue from the roof of the mouth

Let the shoulders soften downward
Arms hang long besides the rib cage

Allow the hands to rest on the knees, palms facing skyward

Take any last minute movements

Settle into stillness.

Allow the breath to be the only movement within your body, feel the naturally soothing rhythm

Each inhale fills your body with life.

Each exhale creates space for the next breath. 

Thoughts are normal, let them come.

Exhale, let them go- Release them back into the universe and switch your focus to your breath.

Be here

with just your breath

and your being.

When your timer sounds, silence the noise

Bring hands to touch at hearts center

Rub hands together building heat between the palms.

Bring palms to cover the eyes.

Gently flutter the eyes open, behind the palms

When you're ready to reopen your eyes to the world, slowly return your hands back to the heart's center and bow down to seal your practice. 

Everyday is a journey. Be kind to yourself. Trust the process. The more you meditate, the easier it becomes.

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