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Foursquare Insurance

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Foursquare means "a place to talk openly" and we take that seriously, after all, it is your money. Insurance can easily be overwhelming for consumers, so we do our best to explain insurance in laymen terms. At Foursquare, we provide recommendations based on what we view is the best ROI for our clients, not the carriers, while treating our clients as names, not numbers. We are proud to not only support local businesses but also share a recent pendulum shift in products that is now available to individuals. Yes, we help employers attract and retain key employees, but we also have a focus to protect 1099s and individual clients. Customer service could be argued that it's lacking in today's day and age, and we feel that insurance is only as good as it's service. It's something we can talk about until we're blue in the face, but we love when we get to prove it. We look forward to serving the Mason/Deerfield area!!