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Summit Orthopedics

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Summit Orthopedics was founded on our vision to bring comprehensive orthopedic care to Minnesota and Wisconsin communities. Our physicians grounded in orthopedic expertise is one story, but we believe our story is most meaningful in the context of your stories. The story of Summit Orthopedics is a story of medical innovation, quality of care, and commitment to exceed your expectations. Every member of the Summit Orthopedics healthcare team is here to improve and restore the quality of life for you and for the communities we serve. We believe that great healthcare is about people helping people. It means taking the time to understand where you are, how your unique circumstances inform your goals, and what you are seeking to accomplish to claim a healthier and more active life. One patient may aspire to run a first 5k or train for a third Ironman competition. We encourage you to share the goals that matter to you, so that we can tailor treatment solutions to help you achieve them.