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The Chaos Ninja

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CHAOS IS STRESSFUL - HIRE A NINJA! We all have that one drawer, closet, or room that is a catch-all for things we just don’t know what to do with! There are new concepts every day for clutter-free living. It’s a goal of many and sometimes challenging to achieve, much less retain. I offer an Efficient and Practical consultation and clean up to help you succeed in enjoying a more chaos and clutter-free life. There are three basic categories for everything you own to be placed in: Keep, Donate, or Trash. Not all objects bring ‘joy’ yet may be useful or necessary. I can work on any room in your home or office, garage, warehouse, and yard and garden beautification services. I also offer Pack & Declutter before Listing your home and Unpack & Organize after your move! ​If you or someone you know is living in clutter chaos and can use professional help, please send them a link to my page. I work efficiently, by the hour, with the client to bring order back to all kinds of spaces. An Organized Home equals a Happy Home!