Body of 9

What is your Natural Number?

Susan and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9, moved to Bozeman in 2015 with the goal of creating a sustainable life. They wanted to be able to devote all of their life-force energy to introducing their research and discoveries about the human body. They had found that introducing new information, especially information that shifts perspective in a significant way, can be very challenging and Bozeman felt like it was exactly the right community to nurture Body of 9. The combination of a thriving university, a growing community of people with solid values, and an eye for personal growth and development seemed a great place to achieve their goals.  


One of their goals was for Susan to finish writing her first book. Practices for Presence, Body-based Wisdom for Living a Life of Purpose was completed within their first year living in Bozeman. Well supported by local bookseller Country Bookshelf, Susan became a best-selling author in Bozeman the fall her first book was introduced. Four years later, the couple introduced their second book, The Body of 9 - Decode Your Physiology and Discover Your True Self, which includes a complete description of the Body of 9, the nine Natural Numbers, and their research and conclusions. They operated the 9 Energies Center for four years before shifting online during the pandemic. 


Today the pair continues to offer a combination of in-person and online Natural Number Identifications. This assessment experience developed from 30 years of research, working with over 8000 people from around the world, identifies which of nine body regions is born active. Once identified it informs us how our bodies shape our experience of life.  


Now, they are supporting local coaches, holistic practitioners, and therapists to include the understanding of how our bodies are informing us through our Natural Number in the healing methods that our local practitioners are offering. This understanding enables practitioners to reach their clients at the level of their nature, accelerating the impact of their core healing modalities. In conjunction with local practitioners, the couple is also researching the impact of this understanding on the healing and recovery process.  


They feel blessed and supported in our powerful Bozeman community and remain committed to bringing us together in the community. Experiencing your Natural Number is the best way to understand the system. To find out more about their work, find out how to get your Natural Number Identified, or find a local healing practitioner working with Body of 9 – visit or pick up one of their books at Country Bookshelf. 

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