Compassion Meets Postpartum Commitment

How postpartum care in the "fourth trimester" is saving lives and supporting other mothers

Welcoming a newborn into the world is traditionally seen as a time of joy and excitement. While that’s the hope and desire of many families, reality can present other physical and emotional challenges. Unpredictable sleep patterns, balancing new routines and medical difficulties often leads to a gap in care for women. Having a plan for Mom’s postpartum care is equally as important as Baby’s.

What is the mission of Postpartum Care of Indiana?

We prepare new moms with education and coaching for their postpartum body, mind, and soul. We want to change the conversation around postpartum care so new moms can find stability and confidence to tackle the fourth trimester.

The “fourth trimester,” or the 12 weeks following childbirth, is equally important to pregnancy. Mothers should expect continued medical care and support; yet, this is not a common practice. With 83% of pregnancy-associated deaths in Indiana occurring postpartum, 90% of those being preventable, we have to change the system for postpartum care.

When and how did you begin building your business? 

PPCI was the result of my personal experiences as a new mom and the power knowledge and education can provide to save lives.

I had been a nurse practitioner for twelve years when I became a mom, but I still wasn’t prepared for how alone and uncertain I felt about motherhood. My husband was so loving and supportive, but I was still overwhelmed. Thankfully, I found my way back to wellness by becoming a self-advocate for my needs.

Then, in January 2022, one of my best friends almost lost her life 5 days postpartum. Her condition was completely preventable, and I was beyond frustrated her care team missed her needs. I knew I needed to share my knowledge with others, so on January 2 of this year, while on maternity leave with my third child, I started a business focused on postpartum care for moms. 

What’s a typical day like as PPCI's founder?

In between my time as a clinician for Myriad Genetics and being a mom to three boys under three, I am building my telehealth business. Each day looks a little different, but along with my team, I am usually holding new patient visits, reviewing session notes, researching best-practices, and holding follow-up appointments. We are determined and focused to develop a continuity of care plan for moms to meet their physical and emotional needs while building a community.

What type of support can patients expect?

To make sure we meet the needs of new moms, we focus on five essential areas for postpartum care: preparation, sleep and rest, nutrition, companionship, and coaching. When a patient reaches out for services, they have access to two nurse practitioners, a cardiac ICU nurse, and if needed, a bereavement nurse. Everyone on our staff is a mom, and four out of five have recently had a child. This summer, we will add an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to our staff. Of course for anything else a mom might need, we tap into our robust network of referral partners.

What’s your favorite advice for motherhood?

In the early days of postpartum recovery, companionship is so important. My mom told me after I had my first child to always “say yes to help.” So, even if it meant a double coffee delivery or a food train overflow, I learned to accept help because people generally won’t offer unless they want to do it.

Regarding motherhood, just try to stay in the moment. Each phase is a season, and thinking too far ahead or creating “what ifs” for the future can easily overwhelm you.

How can readers support your mission?

I want PPCI to become part of the postpartum standard of care for all women in Indiana. If you are willing to open doors to hospitals and healthcare facilities for partnership opportunities, I want to hear from you. If you are or know of a mom who is two years or less postpartum, reach out to us for support. 

Connect with Stacia Scott at stacia@ppcareindy.com or visit PPCareIndy.com to download free resources and schedule a free consultation.

With 83% of pregnancy-associated deaths in Indiana occurring postpartum, 90% of those being preventable, we have to change the system for postpartum care.

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