Handcrafted Spirits in Lake Zurich

Copper Fiddle Distillery starts fresh with new owners Jim Iverhouse & Andrew Macker. SW Lake Lifestyle stopped by to chat.

Article by Michael Beightol, Jim Iverhouse, Andrew Macker

Photography by Stephen Neilson

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

SW Lake: What was it about Copper Fiddle that attracted you?

Jim: When the founders originally approached me about leasing my space I liked the concept and helped by putting in six years to develop Copper Fiddle. When the sale came up last year, I thought it was a good idea to keep it in the community.

Andrew: As a food and beverage manager I’ve always sourced the products I want for my hotels and restaurants by flavor and demand. Now we can create our own flavors and our own demand.

SWL: How has it been climbing the learning curve?

Andrew: Luckily, we had the knowledge of a Master Distiller, Rob Scaramella, available from the beginning. When the three of us met we knew quite quickly we had a bright future together. Rob’s ideas were a big part of Copper Fiddle’s initial successes. Now with a bigger voice the sky is the limit.

SWL: What will stay the same at Copper Fiddle?

Jim: The name and address. (Laughs.)

Andrew: I second that! There’s a whole new vibe here. The cocktails are delicious, service accommodating and friendly, and the live entertainment is fantastic.

SWL: Tell us about some of the changes.

Andrew: We have new recipes for bourbon whiskey and rum. The gin is fantastic and will stay the same but with a new mash bill. We’ve already launched a partnership with Franco’s Pescheria, who is providing us our own menu. Guests can order here at the distillery and Franco’s will deliver meals hot and fresh. To learn about new product releases just follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Jim: We’re also planning an expansion of the facility. We’re aiming for mid-to-late 2020.

SWL: Where can people shop for Copper Fiddle?

Andrew: Certainly, stopping by the distillery is best. We want folks to come in, say hello and take advantage of great deals and specials. When out shopping, we're at select Binny’s, Whole Foods, Garfield’s, Mariano’s and Woodman’s to name a few.

Copper Fiddle is at 532 W. Route 22 in Lake Zurich. Learn more at CopperFiddleDistillery.com. Copper Fiddle won a 2019 Best of SW Lake Award for Best Entertainment.

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