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Have Fun and Get Fit at High-Energy RockBox Fitness

Article by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Photography by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

I know what you’re thinking: “Another day, another new gym.” Right? I mean, why should you bother paying attention to this one when you feel as though you’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt? 

What if I told you RockBox was different and fun? No, really. Really! As someone who taught spinning classes for 14 years and has tried just about every fitness fad there is, I think I’m more than qualified to judge here. 

RockBox is a kickboxing and boxing gym—but with a high-end sound and light system emitting crazy-fun music and colorful lights, with tons of camaraderie and motivation to boot. Long story short: It’s one of the most fun ways to get your butt kicked in a workout situation that I’ve encountered in a long, long time. 

NC to OH 

RockBox owner BJ Smith was working as a pharmacist in North Carolina when he became burned out on the corporate mentality and the “quick fix” approach to health that was all around him. So, he tried a class at a local RockBox studio. 

“I was at the heaviest in my life when I joined ... I started with the 42-day transformation challenge,” BJ says. “It provided the fitness component, accountability coach and nutrition guidance. After six weeks, I hit my goal of 25 pounds—and kept going!” 

Meanwhile, BJ had been visiting the Cincinnati area often to hang out with his best friend—running races with him like the Hyde Park Blast and Flying Pig Marathon (fun history: his friend was the one who got married right in the middle of the half marathon in 2019). 

In short, BJ says he fell in love with the Symmes Township area and eventually moved here, and he brought a RockBox franchise with him. 

Why RockBox? 

When he first started taking classes at RockBox, BJ thought, “Whoa, this is different! It mixed pumping music with boxing and kickboxing, it was beginner-friendly, and just ... different!” 

He explains that while the workouts can vary each day at the club, a high-energy instructor is always there to help you the whole time, while assistant trainers are also there for larger groups. 

But it was the diversity of the classes along with that upbeat vibe that really drew BJ to RockBox—and BJ believes that’s what his clients love about the workouts, too. “It challenges everyone at every level of fitness, and focuses on growth and results,” he says. “We have a ‘night club meets fight club’ vibe with no mirrors ... so you can focus on the bags!”

First-timers? Arrive 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork and learn some boxing basics. You’ll then participate in 10–12 rounds of boxing with 10–12 stations for functional weight training with various equipment. But don’t let that intimidate you.

“Each day we have a different focus to promote muscle confusion and get the best results,” BJ explains. “Our coaches are well trained—focusing on form correcting and safety in all movements. It’s personal training in a group setting!” 

Best RockBox Benefits

  1. Burns fat and increases endurance.

  2. A full-body workout that promotes core engagement.

  3. Helps with proper hormone regulation as boxing promotes active recovery—crucial in hormone production and development.

  4. Provides functional, toned muscles and improves posture.

  5. Promotes mental health and serves as an excellent outlet in (today’s) stressful times. | 11928 Montgomery Rd. | 513.580.1718


  1. AC/DC Thunderstruck
  2. Queen We Will Rock You
  3. Survivor Eye of the Tiger
  4. Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)

We have a ‘night club meets fight club’ vibe with no mirrors ... so you can focus on the bags!

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