25N Coworking

Frisco’s Smartly Designed Option for Meeting Space

25N Coworking is Frisco’s smartly designed option for meeting space with a touch of white-glove hospitality. Chief Operating Officer Meagan Slavin says members at 25N are an eclectic mix of the Frisco community. She's watched the location membership grow both organically and serendipitously.

When asked how 25N came to be in Frisco, Meagan explains, "25N Coworking started in the Chicago suburbs, partnering with a developer. Enjoying the 25N model in Chicago, the developer also had properties in Frisco and the Dallas area. When Meagan and 25N came to explore Frisco, they found the area and growth exciting and felt it was a good fit." Meagan also shared how important it is to 25N Coworking to have locations where people live. 25N Coworking is near Frisco Square, Toyota Stadium, the Dallas North Tollway, and walking distance to Frisco Fresh Market.

25N houses a wide-ranging group of businesses. "Some of the members at this location are from Fortune 100 companies, local solopreneurs, real estate teams, and people looking for a meeting space," says Meagan. The community they have built is special with many referrals and much collaboration. 

Alicia Kasper, community manager expresses, “Membership has grown even in the pandemic. It was a real challenge and we were still able to flourish. Part of the reason we were able to thrive is because we provide different options outside of just working from home."

By focusing on 25N culture, they were able to grow their team. Meagan says one of the best things to happen to 25N in 2020 was hiring their hospitality coordinator, Laura Cortese, who's affectionately known as the cruise director. She loves running events and her focus is on hospitality and taking care of members.

Apart from a shared workspace away from an office or home, 25N also offers a solution for meeting spaces. The selection of meeting rooms are design-forward. Whether it’s setting up catering or providing concierge service, Laura can meet the requirements for any size meeting.

“We have gorgeously designed spaces. There’s a board room that holds 20 people and a hub space to hold 30 to 50 people. We can accommodate trainings classes, and have projectors and LED screens," Meagan says. 

Bringing a hospitality coordinator on board provided the opportunity to reach out to local businesses, letting them know about the meeting spaces 25N has available. This was not only instrumental in growing our local 25N community, but has opened the door to the Frisco area to provide Networking, learning sessions, happy hours and other fun social events.

At 25N Coworking you can always expect a friendly face and a cup of hot coffee. The staff are carefully planning professional and social events for members and even for the community of Frisco. 

“The world is opening up and everything is moving in a good direction. There’s a lot of traffic in this office and having the community back in the space is special” says Meagan.

During the pandemic 25N had to plan and execute a lot of grab and go, or virtual type of events. Now they are actively working to undo the separation and make the environment and experience more communal. 

The space is located on the ground floor of Waterford Market Apartments and members of 25N get the use of the luxury apartment amenity center as well as their HIIT workout gym.

The 25N team says they plan to continue to be the premiere solution in Frisco for meeting rooms and high hospitality. They add that they also plan to open a 25N in Waco this fall.

Drop in for a free tour at 9355 John W. Elliott Drive, #25.


“The world is opening up and everything is moving in a good direction. There’s a lot of traffic in this office and having the community back in the space is special” says Meagan Slavin 

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