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Gifts Of Graze

“Oh you look so pretty," I chuckle and say through a beaming smile. The recipient of this compliment has no way of processing or accepting the adoration. I snap a few photos and tuck her away. The platter of various cheeses, fresh and dried fruit, and premium charcuterie doesn’t know its own beauty. But I do and I speak positivity and love into each and every one of the orders I create.

Gifts of Graze is a true labor of love, community and opportunity. When I first started this local small business, I was newly transplanted to Texas and longed for a community to connect with. At our July 2019 launch, we were immediately welcomed with open arms and the demand for our grazing boards has not let up.

The opportunity to deliver love on a board directly to people also comes with the opportunity to partner with other local businesses to bring small quality indulgences. It’s such a privilege to be able to create something that's a part of so many important life milestones. From baby showers, to weddings, to birthdays, to celebrations of life, wedding anniversaries, new home purchases, and everything in-between.

There's a creative process each board undergoes while being built. I literally imagine the celebrants, the occasion, and the love and friendship that will pass over and through the food. Each order is more than a meat and cheese platter -- it truly is a Gift of Graze.
Eileen Torres / Owner

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