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Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Blake Richard

Originally published in Frisco Life

Bindu Chowritmootoo

Founder, Chief Executive Officer 

Ignite It, LLC

"As women, we need to come together to provide a platform for women to support women. No strings attached."

Instilling the power of positivity, passion and personal growth is the essence of an innovative, burgeoning life coaching company called Ignite It. 

"Acting as a catalyst, we encourage a mindset shift in women that helps them become the best version of themselves. We offer online training, coaching, services, conferences, recognition programs and a support network that promotes fellowship and a sense of belonging. I love helping people," says Ignite It founder Bindu Chowritmootoo.

To launch 2021 off right, Bindu and her team lined up a new library of content bridled within their original 360° Wellness Program. "We have materials and subject matter experts to help clients build skills in the physical, emotional, intellectual and financial components of their lives," she explains. "We believe personal development plus professional development plus financial development equals true fulfillment and happiness."

She says those interested can gain information and advice from Ignite It blogs, webinars, Zoom conferences and retreats. "We'll give you the resources, tools, mentorships and support system you need," she adds.

As a certified life coach, Bindu says she hopes to build mindsets in others to see "the glass is always half full."

"Females often are afraid to be vulnerable, to share that we need help. Nearly all of us have a story about something we're trying to rise above, we're all on a journey. Many haven't yet dealt with those types of issues, or don't know how to recover from them. That's where we come in with hope and courage," says Bindu, who also applies her 25 years of leadership and entrepreneurship experience.

Ignite It assists women who seek to get back into working outside their homes by providing career assessments, relationship skills training, help with social media and ideas about how to brand one's self. "We also have a platform for all women hoping to take their professional careers to the next level," she adds.

Bindu says many discussions with clients end up revolving around self-love, self-care and ceasing to focus on other's opinions. "The 360° Wellness Program is exciting to work on because it's about striking a balance in life, rather than feeling like we're hamsters on a wheel. Being around the right people who motivate and inspire you can make a huge difference," she confirms. 

Ignite It coaches both genders, and consults with both female and male subject matter experts to provide well-rounded perspectives.

"COVID changed our lives, and depression is at an all-time high. We need to uplift and support others, which comes back tenfold in building strong networks," says Bindu. 

A part of Ignite It's initiative is to give back to community causes. One example of that is the complimentary webinar they recently hosted for cancer survivors. They also partnered with a local organization that assists with rescuing sex trafficking victims within the Dallas/Fort Worth region and in New Delhi, India, with complimentary soft skills, leadership and career building coaching. 

Ignite It showcases items, such as motivational shirts and essential oils, through the company's online store; sales proceeds are donated to philanthropic organizations. 

Another one of Bindu's 2021 goals is to showcase more local entrepreneurs through upcoming podcasts and online interviews.

"We inspire and empower women to fulfill their potential, create their best life and leave a legacy of wisdom, self-assurance and resiliency."

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