Corners Of The Heart

The Joy of Living Colorfully

Article by Barbara Crouch

Photography by Katie Rosebraugh

Originally published in Frisco Life

Color influences emotions, behavior and perceptions of not only for yourself, but also for those around you. Depending on what you want to convey when you walk into a room or jump on a Zoom meeting, your color choice in clothing can speak volumes. 

While bouncing back to our go-go-go lives, we should stop and make sure we feel the positivity of a bright, happy future.

How can we feel this way? We can wear it. 

Fashion designers, such as Donatella Versace, Stella McCartney and Kat Woodside (chief designer at cabi), infused rich color into their fall 2021 collections for this very reason. This season among bright and happy hues, we see rich reds, which emotes feelings such as passion and strength. Fifty shades of pink shower feelings of love, compassion and allure, while the orange palette generates confidence, energy and playfulness. It's the intersection between colorful art and science of psychology, because studies show choices of what what's worn affects powerfully on people's thought processes, capabilities and mood.

Good news for "superheroes" this season is the chic look of caping camel color coat. For another look, be sure to wrap shoulders with a lighter poncho or printed plaid or textured cape.

Next time you're getting ready for a day of go-go-go and thinking about that question:  “What am I going to wear?” know that the real question is “How do you want to feel?” Do you want to feel accomplished/successful, creative, smart, put-together or comfortable or all the these? Remember, whatever you want to feel, you can wear and you’ll love it.

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