Pet Fresh Food

Delivered-To-Home, Nutrition-Enriched Meals For Fur Babies

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Provided From Pet Wants Frisco

Originally published in Frisco City Lifestyle

Freshly made pet food that's sourced locally and delivered quickly at its peak of freshness can be standard meals for beloved dogs and cats, vow Kim and Mike Caley, owners of Pet Wants Frisco.

The Caleys say they offer fresh, high-quality pet food, treats and wellness products that are delivered for free, next day locally, directly to owners' homes. "Our products are 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, sugar, dye and by-products," says Mike. "We want to help pet owners with their pets be able to eat for health and vitality. We like to think of it as nutrition you can trust."

Before the Caleys began operating this mobile business about three years ago, Mike says they saw area pets needing fresh, high-quality pet food, often for specific health reasons, and that pet parents needed resources to turn to with their pet nutrition questions.

"Dry food can end up sitting around for really long periods of time before it's ever purchased, and in those cases, the vitamins can disintegrate. Alternatively, our food, which is based on formulas developed by Kansas State University experts, contains whole ingredients with USDA-certified proteins," Mike explains. 

Mike says their line of pet food products mesh especially well with these types of pet situations:

  • Addressing pet allergies stemming from food.
  • Health-specific challenges, particularly working with veterinarians or veterinary nutritionists to identify customized solutions. 
  • Picky eaters with sophisticated palates.
  • Overweight concerns or weight management plans.
  • Athletic dogs that need more calories and energy. 
  • Sensitive stomach issues. 

"When you think about it, skin is the largest organ a pet has. And it's the last organ to receive nutrition from food consumed. Dogs and cats are carnivores by nature, and their diet should reflect their natural foods as closely as possible. We start with fresh food, like salmon, duck, whitefish and chicken as premium protein sources meant for consumption by your dog and/or cat. And we do it in small batches. The shorter the shelf life, the better the nutrition," Kim states. 

For cats, they offer an adult/kitten dry food version, one for lean cats and another that's grain free with duck/herring flavor. 

For dogs, the dry versions are the following options:  salmon/brown rice; lamb/brown rice; chicken/brown rice; puppy; chicken/turkey grain free; white fish/duck grain free; and senior/less active. 

Additionally, they have 19 types of dog chews, nearly 20 different high-value dog treats, 19 supplements -- some in oil forms, some as powders and some containing hemp. 

Pet Wants Frisco provides personal delivery to the Collin County area, including Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Little Elm/The Colony, Celina, Addison and surrounding communities. They also sell products at the Frisco Fresh Market during most spring and summer weekends.

"Giving your pet what it truly wants for food and treats adds to the healthy longevity of their lives, and gives owners that essential peace of mind. You can literally see the results that optimal nutrition has on your pets; we hear from our customers every week," says Mike. 


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