Portrait of a Companion

Ellen Drummond of Doodle Snoots Creates Custom Paintings of "Fur-ever" Friends

Looking at Ellen Drummond’s pet portraits, one gets the complete picture of the animals she has painted. Their personalities shine through the canvas.

“I take what is already there behind their eyes and put it on canvas,” she says.

With photographs as inspiration, Ellen captures the essence of every animal she paints, but she takes little credit.

“The portraits aren’t great because I can paint; they are great because of the dog I’m painting. They mean something to the owner. They remind them of every wonderful thing their dog already is and the gifts they’ve given them by being in their lives,” Ellen says.

Ellen began her pet painting business, Doodle Snoots, after posting a portrait she painted of a friend’s dog online and receiving numerous orders as a result.

In addition to Doodle Snoots, she owns Ellen Dayle Performance Horses, a training, boarding and lessening facility in Argyle.

“I have always loved animals, period,” she says. “I currently train horses in Argyle as my full-time job and paint dogs and other pets as a part-time job. My life is literally animals.”

For more information about Doodle Snoots, visit Facebook.com/DoodleSnoots.

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