Surgery Aftercare

Elite Post-Op Recovery Center Offers Stress-Free Postoperative Recovery Experience

Amber Jenkins is in the community- and confidence-building business. She provides an upscale and luxury service for people who want to feel good in their own skin. As founder of The Haven Recovery Retreat Center, Amber helps women literally take their first steps into the next chapter of their lives by providing post-cosmetic surgery care in a premier and discreet environment. 

Hers is a true success story built from necessity.

As a mother of four, Amber says she recognized her body had changed and she knew she wanted to do something about it. In her research, she found there was a lack of community geared toward “moms." She adds that she knew people had the surgery, yet it was hard to find others openly talking about it.

“Plastic surgery shouldn’t be taboo. If it helps with your self-confidence, your self-esteem, do it," says Amber.

While on her own journey, Amber says she researched “recovery houses,” which are establishments staffed to assist post-surgery clients with their initial post-op needs. She was disappointed to discover the Dallas/Fort Worth region didn't have an upscale option comparable to surgery destinations, such as Miami, Brazil and Mexico.

With a background in hospitality and event planning, Amber set her goals to open DFW’s first -- and only -- premium recovery center. She was so compelled to make this a reality, she confides that she began writing her business plan while she was recovering from her own mommy makeover surgery.

Amber describes The Haven as a “bed and breakfast with a boutique feel.” She intentionally keeps it to three private suites with luxury amenities located in the Star District. “I know what it’s like to be in my clients' shoes. I also understand the importance of professional aftercare and how it's critical to achieving desired results," she assures.

Her staff includes a team of nurses with decades of experience in the Metroplex, and a registered dietician who plans meals exclusively to match each client’s needs and restrictions.

Plastic surgery can be both a physical and emotional journey. Looking ahead, Amber enthusiastically describes continuing to build a community of women who will shed the stigma of having cosmetic surgeries. In her words, “Cosmetic surgery is not always about beauty; for a lot of people, it’s about a necessity. Why should you carry around the physical reminder of who you used to be?”

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