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Phil Long Ford of Chapel Hills partners with Tuscany Motor Company to offer high-end, exclusive lifted trucks

Innovation is fueled by the belief that an idea can constantly improve. Great products can

become better, and the most creative of concepts can become even more revolutionary. That is

exactly what the leadership at Tuscany Motor Company and the Phil Long Ford of Chapel

Hills dealership in strive to accomplish with their customized, high-end vehicles.

“Essentially, we take stock of vehicles, tear them apart, and put customized parts on those

vehicles,” explains Aaron Harvey, the Dealer of Development for the Rocky Mountain region.

Phil Long carries a variety of Tuscany F-150 lifted trucks, with models that include Harley

Davidson, Shelby, and their Black Ops and FTX trucks. The trucks are engineered to generate

more power with less weight. They supercharge vehicles with around 390 horsepower to jump

to 750+ horsepower, practically transforming them into street legal race cars. Before Tuscany

begins their engineering process, all of their trucks start out relatively similar. When the

process is complete, the style of one vehicle can be completely different than another. To name

a few of the features, each truck is intentionally designed with injection molding, custom

wheels, bumpers, lift kits, interiors and an upgraded exhaust.

Tuscany doesn’t patch in after-market parts. Instead, they engineer the particular parts each

truck needs through an individualized injection molding process. The trucks retain their value

because Tuscany doesn’t sell these exclusive parts anywhere else. Several of the Shelby models

are purchased regularly by collectors. This causes their value to appreciate, contrary to the

depreciation trend most new vehicles follow.

Tuscany is evidential of a business that puts quality before quantity. At just over 100 models a

year, Tuscany vehicles are a rare commodity. The limited haul is portioned out across all fifty

states. Aaron testifies that people will drive from all over the country to purchase these one-ofa-

kind vehicles.

“These are high-end vehicles for people who want something different than their neighbors,”

says Adam Kaye, the E-Commerce Director at Ford of Chapel Hills.

The Tuscany Motor Company is an Approved Special Vehicles Manufacturer of Ford products.

This means that they comply with the vehicles’ respective warranties and have all the benefits

of a Ford while obtaining stunningly unique qualities. They are the leader in custom lifted

truck manufacturing, so the fact that they handpicked Ford of Chapel Hills as one of their

select dealership partners is telling.

“There are upwards of 4,000 dealerships in the country, but we do business with Ford of

Chapel Hills because they do it well while supporting and understanding the brand,” Aaron


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