Selling in a Seller's Market

Larson & Landgrave Share These Tips to Maximize the Sale of Your Home.

This is a strong real estate market, but despite claims that “anything will sell," to get top dollar, you need to have a home that will give buyers the “WOW” effect. Here are 10 tips that we have found to be basic, but very important.  


  • The front of your home is what people see first so have it looking crisp and clean with a fresh coat of paint on the front door, garage door, and trim. Flowerpots or a wreath on the front porch also add a splash of color.

  • Keep the yards well-groomed and remove snow from all walkways.


  • Minimize the number of family and vacation photos. Too many photos can be distracting.

  • Remove or relocate furniture to make rooms appear larger. Leave understated pieces that do not distract.


  • Eliminate clutter such as pet items, knickknacks, visible trash cans, and items on the refrigerator. Clear kitchen and bath countertops. 

  • Organize closets, pantries, and bookshelves. 50-75% full is best.


  • Make your home sparkle from top to bottom. If this seems overwhelming, consider hiring a cleaning service. Dust off the top of the water heater and furnace. This may sound trivial, but it indicates how you have maintained your home.

  • Have all lights on for showings and light bulbs functioning with matching wattage and shade (clear, soft, daylight, etc.)

  • Open all curtains and other window treatments with blinds being raised to the top to let in maximum light.


  • Finally, start at the front door with your “Buyer’s Eyes” on, and walk through each room. Imagine how everything will look to a potential buyer. Make changes to help them visualize themselves living in your home.

 Remember: People buy on emotion and justify with reason. 

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