The impact of Charitable Giving in Real Estate

Jessica Northrop feels blessed and honored to be part of Giveback Homes

Sitting down with Jessica Northrop, principal of The Northrop Group to ask her questions concerning why her and her team has such a passion for being part of of the non profit  Giveback Homes was a true honor and brought a new level of insight to her love and passion as well as her why.  

Why did The Northrop Group becomes members of Give Back Homes?

In 2016 I was looking for a charity to partner with and I was introduced to Giveback Homes by my sales manager.  Clearly, the mission of Giveback Homes paired well with our industry but I was most inspired about their ACTION.  What I mean by that is, yes you can donate money but beyond that Giveback Homes encourages members to get involved, build local teams that actual sign up and volunteer to help build homes together.  In fact, shortly after I joined Giveback Homes in 2016, I traveled with them to Nicaragua to build a home.  It was a very humbling experience.  The need is great for so many.  That trip cemented by commitment to Giveback Homes and the mission to intentionally give back and also intentionally encourage others to do the same.

What does it mean to you to be part of this organization?

Being a part of Giveback Homes allows me and my clients to incorporate the sale or purchase of their home to contributing to the greater good of families in need.  There is a real sense of fulfillment that comes when you see the home built and the deserving family in a safe and secure home. 

Pease explain your last project with Giveback Homes

The last local build date we sponsored was in October of 2020.  We spent a (socially distanced) day in NW Denver working on a house for Donavan.   The interesting part of this project is the new homeowner had started out as a volunteer. After the volunteer day he realized that he may be eligible to patriciate and become a homeowner himself through the program.   Donovan’s first introduction to Habitat for Humanity was a teambuilding day in 2019 with his employer, TIAA. Donovan is a financial consultant for the retirement company and enjoyed the opportunity to help build homes during a volunteer day. It was during that volunteer day that Donovan learned about Habitat’s homeownership program and realized that he could qualify.

Donovan was excited for the opportunity to build and buy his first home for himself and his 6-year old daughter. The two are currently sharing a 2-bedroom apartment where they’ve had to convert her bedroom into a hybrid office so that Donovan has a place to work during the pandemic. They’ve made the most of it by putting two desks side-by side, allowing Donovan and his daughter to work alongside each other as they navigate remote work and school. “I look at remote learning as a blessing because I get to spend extra time with my daughter,” Donovan shares.

Although Donovan and his daughter are making their current living situation work, Donovan knows it’s not a great place for them long-term. The biggest concern is a leak in the roof right above his daughter’s bed that allows water to drip in every time it rains. Donovan knows homeownership will make a big difference for his daughter.

“Stability will have a positive effect on her,” shares Donovan. “It will increase her chances of understanding the importance of homeownership when she becomes an adult. She likes to learn and she can do anything when she puts her mind to it.”

Describe how you feel after completing a project like this

It is a really special feeling knowing you helped, even in some small way, make the future for another person or family a little bit better.  

What other things should our readers know about you, your team and the importance of this program

We truly feel it our responsibility to give back.  We are honored to be given the opportunity to help so many of our clients find their dream home.  All they while, many are struggling to find a safe place to call home.  As the affordable housing crisis grows, we hope that we can grow our efforts to contribute more of our time and money towards helping everyone find a safe place to call home.  With every home we sale, we help build a home for a family in need.  We know our clients appreciate that and feel good that they are a part of giving back too.

We started Giveback Homes simply to provide the real estate industry with an easy way to make an impact in their communities and throughout the world. In 2013, we took a group of agents to Nicaragua to build homes for families in need and since then it has evolved into a community of agents, brokerages and companies across the U.S. who are donating and volunteering, locally and globally.

We've provided safe homes, clean water, helping after natural disasters and now pandemics too. Everyday, Giveback Homes members are transforming the act of buying and selling homes into an opportunity for social good.

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