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Michigan’s Urgent Cats shares information on four adoptable kitties in hopes to find them a home.

Since 2014, Michigan’s Urgent Cats has been “helping shelter cats and stray cats, one kitty at a time.” In addition to facilitating the transfer of cats to adopters or rescues and providing or raising monetary funds for medical issues, the team at Michigan’s Urgent Cats is very focused on owner retention and works to provide education and outreach to the public. 

“We believe every cat and kitten deserves to live its life pain-free and loved,” reads. “Through our efforts and ours, we can and will make a difference in the lives of our feline friends.”

Melody, Domestic Short-Haired

Michigan’s Urgent Cats foster and adoption coordinator Lisa Tann said Melody, who was born April 1, was picked up in the middle of the night in Flint. The domestic short-haired kitten stopped eating and couldn’t stand or use the litter box.

“We took her to the emergency vet, and they gave her medication, steroids and hydrated her,” Tann explained. “After a couple days, she stood up again and was able to run around and play. She has the most loving personality, always ready to cuddle, and really enjoys playing with other cats.”

Tann said Melody has a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. The condition is not painful nor contagious, and the cat can carry on a normal life, but her balance is off, which causes her to occasionally fall over. 

Aspen, Domestic Long-Haired

Aspen, a domestic long-haired kitty, is known for his sweet, loving and adorable personality. He has Swimmer Syndrome, a congenital condition that causes the legs (typically the hind limbs) to splay laterally. He needs to wear a diaper but only one per day and does not need stimulation.

Cindy, Domestic Short-Haired

Cindy is approximately two years old and came out of a hoarding situation where she was living in a backyard with around 40 to 50 other cats. President and co-founder of Michigan’s Urgent Cats Colleen Horn took in Cindy, as well as Cindy’s two four-month-old kittens, and said the mother turned out to be “an absolute sweetheart.”

“We cleaned her up, as well as her babies, and she is just the sweetest,” Horn said. “She’s curious about dogs but not afraid. We also still have one of her sons with us.”

Horn said Cindy is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) positive, which means she has a slow-progressing virus that can compromise her immune system, reducing her ability to fight off illnesses. FIV-positive cats can live with non-FIV cats without spreading the virus. 

Frannie, Domestic Short-Haired

Also rescued from a hoarding situation, Frannie, who is thought to be about 10 years old, was found very pregnant in Ecorse and only three of her four babies made it.

“She’s shy but loving once she gets to know you,” Tann said. “Once she gets to know you, she has this amazing little head tilt when she looks at you sideways, almost saying ‘Please love me and give me pets. I just need some time to get to know you!’”

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