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Chantico Agave, Monstruo De Gila BBQ Salsa

Named after the famed Aztec goddess of the hearth and home, Chantico has refined organic agave treatment for a raw taste worthy of natural comfort. It’s primarily regarded as a beverage sweetener, though agave products hold much more potential. Mix it in your coffee, drizzle some on a bowl of ice cream, or switch it in for honey at the next weekend BBQ. The possibilities are truly far and wide.

Most importantly, agave is a healthy option. It’s naturally 1/3 sweeter than sugar and an optimal go-to for low-glycemic diets or as a lower calorie substitute. Agave also contains prebiotic fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium. It’s available in syrup or powder form and features no chemical processing - instead, Chicanto Agave is heat treated to destroy harmful pathogens, remove heavy metals, and retain an all-natural taste. 

Monstruo De Gila BBQ Salsa is another product recently launched by Origo brands, packed and processed out of Hudson to keep production local to Colorado. Inspired by the Gila Monsters of the southwest, the company supports the habitat of these endangered reptiles through donations and awareness-building. The BBQ salsa itself is crafted from Anaheim green chiles of the Hatch Valley in New Mexico - among the “best tasting chiles in the world” according to David Cisneros, co-owner of Origo Brands.  They’re mixed with tomatillo chiles to balance out the heat before adding a bit of vinegar, though the rest is guarded as a secret of Gila’s trade. Its use goes deeper than simple chips and dip, serving as an ideal marinade or all-purpose sauce. The Gila BBQ Salsa is already selling online and locally in Colorado with inevitable national rollouts in the Latinx food category. 

Origo Brands makes its mark outside of the kitchen by supporting organizations aligning with their values, like Trees for the Future. The company has planted over 500,000 trees in total to offset the carbon emissions of production. 

To browse the full length of Origo Brand’s products, take a look at Chantico Agave’s website at www.chanticoagave.com and visit www.monstruo-de-gila.com for information about Monstruo De Gila BBQ Salsa. 

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