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Nature Dog Photography combines the skills of a certified professional dog trainer and 20 years of photography experience for beautiful pet portraits.

Article by Yasmine Moussa

Photography by Nature Dog Photography

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

Owners of Nature Dog Photography, Rick and Lorena Padron, know what it takes to capture the ultimate photo of families and their pets. Rick and Lorena, experienced dog trainers and owners, specialize in family and pet photography within the greater Houston area. Whether a dog is trained or not, Rick and Lorena can manage and command each animal, keeping them engaged in the photo session while maintaining a fun environment. With over 20 years of photographic experience and a certified professional dog trainer on-site, Rick and Lorena can ensure a memorable experience and a portrait that will be cherished for a lifetime.

“As pet owners, we understand how our dogs are part of the family and understand the importance of creating fun and happy memories with them,” says Rick. “Not only do we work to understand our client’s needs and desires, but Lorena is a certified professional dog trainer, so she is available to work with the dogs during sessions. She helps them pose and feel comfortable, even if they haven’t been trained before.”

Rick and Lorena have a wide arsenal of tools and techniques to ensure a great photo session. They help excited, fearful, slow or rambunctious dogs feel more comfortable in the environment to capture the perfect shot. Lorena says they can’t rely on just one technique because every dog and situation is different. “We want our clients to have the best memories and emotions every time they see their photographs, so we have to know and use every tool in the box sometimes.”

In business for eight years, Rick and Lorena have made a name for themselves by combining their skills for a stress-free and fun photography session to make every portrait beautiful. And as a bonus, a little dog training is thrown in just for fun. 

“Having a professional dog trainer on the team makes a big difference. We work with the family and their dogs to get the best looking pictures possible by keeping the stress levels for the humans and the dogs low,” says Rick. “Getting professional photographs should be a fun experience - besides that, we love people and dogs.




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