Precise Perfection

With each cut, this third-generation master tailor creates clothing that is distinctly unique to each individual wearer.

Moda Domani is the custom clothing company created by Anthonio Fakeri, who moved to the United States from Tehran, Iran, at age 19. At 67 now, he is still personally meeting with clients one on one. The definition of Moda is style and Domani means tomorrow because they create the style of tomorrow.  That means you are never going to be outdated. He always provides clients with the most up-to- date look.

 Becoming a tailor was ingrained in Fakeri from birth. His grandfather and father were master tailors, and at age 6, he was always in and out of his father’s clothing factory sneaking fabric swatches to bring home to make doll clothes for the girl next door! He had a small sewing kit and scissors, and from then on, he began working with his father and learning detailed skills. At 19, he moved to the U.S. and studied fashion design and merchandising at a community college in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. This allowed him to learn English and decide he wanted to start his own company. Moda Domani has been operating in the Kansas City area since 1999, but he has been in operation since 1986.

“I have grown my business to a point that we are uniquely positioned and there simply isn’t anyone like us, nor are we like anyone else,” he says. “Being a tailor is not just about putting a tape around your body. I actually understand pattern-making construction so everything I put together is put together in the right way. My product is by far superior to anything that is out there due to the quality of fabric, workmanship and design which relates to fit. We are in business to cultivate relationships, so the outcome is a product they love.”

     The No. 1 goal is the right fit, then fashion and functionality. He says, “You get them all in one package!”

Their business is strictly by appointment only, which they have been doing even before the pandemic. He compares his private sessions as such: “Would you want to have a doctor appointment with two or three other people in the room?”

They also will actually go to a client’s home to do a wardrobe assessment if he or she does not want to come to their store. 

This attitude of personal attention has garnered him loyal clients across the country, including London, Paris and Australia. He has researched to find some of the finest tailors around the country, and works with them to create custom suits, dresses, slacks and more. 

His daughter, Ariana, joined him in February when he was considering retirement. She convinced him to stay in operation and is now his assistant.

“She has been a tremendous asset to my operation as my assistant and business manager. She has a way of knowing how to work with people and replicate me and things I do for clients. I’m mainly handling appointments with clients and consultations and so forth.”

He realizes this is a dying art, and feels he needs to preserve it. 

“We have weathered many storms through the years, and we are blessed to do what we are doing. We are looking forward to the end of this pandemic, and we will be better than we were before,” he says.

Moda Domani Custom Clothing Company is located at Park Place, 11543 Ash Street, Leawood, Ks. 66211. Call them at 913-451-0707, visit their website, or find them on Facebook.

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