Enjoy Pure Food + Drink

Enjoy Pure Food + Drink in Mission Farms makes eating clean, plant-rich and nutritious food easy. Its purpose is to help raise the vibes through the positive energy of healthy people.  

“To me, joy is the ultimate state for the human experience,” says Founder Staci Cross. “It has no need for anything. It encompasses bliss, love, fulfillment, ease, grace, wholeness and pure health of body, mind and spirit. The idea for Enjoy is that we can reach that state of joy when we are healthy in body, mind and spirit. Because we are physical beings, it starts with how we are nourishing the cells of our bodies first that can then translate to a clear mind and loving spirit. It is through a vibrant and healthy body that we can think clearer, be more present to our life and feel great!” 

The inspiration to create her business was due to the sheer lack of on-the-go high quality, organic plant-based options.

“I have been a healthy eater my entire adult life,” Staci says. “Early on, it was a rarity to find healthy food. I started a company in 2006 where I travelled to almost 40 cities for many years and was blown away and frustrated by the lack of healthy options as I traveled across the country. You really had to search hard for something besides Whole Foods. The concept of what Enjoy Pure Food + Drink could offer started to form in my mind. After retiring our company, I realized this was my mission to create.”

Its extensive menu designed for maximum nutrition is completely made from scratch and is also customizable based on your dietary needs.

“Our focus is plant-based, but we also offer organic chicken, salmon, tuna and eggs,” she adds. “Enjoy tries to provide mainly gluten-free, keto-friendly, vegan or vegetarian menu items, and we can easily modify our items to help with special diets or allergies. We offer organic cold-pressed juices, whole-meal smoothies, all gluten-free desserts, clean cocktails and sustainably farmed wine.  We are extremely intentional about how we source each and every ingredient to ensure they are non-GMO, mostly organic, unprocessed and free of unwanted ingredients.”  

The most popular items include the Take on the World warm bowl made with red and white quinoa, avocado, kale, broccoli, beets, almonds, hemp seeds and a ginger-miso dressing; the Taste-Like-Ice Cream Kale smoothie blends kale, banana, cashews, dates, vanilla and ginger to perfection; the Spicy Rooster chicken sandwich features avocado, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno aioli on toasted multigrain bread and the  healthy Chicken Parmesan is lightly breaded with house-made marinara and pesto and served with mashed cauliflower and broccoli. Don’t miss Enjoy’s daily vegan soup or guacamole, which is said to be the best in town.

“Every single item is prepared on premises at Enjoy,” Staci says. “We make everything from scratch. Only extra-virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil is used in our kitchen—no damaging partially hydrogenated vegetable oils containing trans-fat or canola oil are ever used.”

Guests wanting to change their eating habits will find it simple at Enjoy.

“Our goal is healthy food that tastes delicious!” Staci says. “There is never a sacrifice to eating healthy at Enjoy. Every person's body is different and at various levels of health, but eating more vegetables and fruit is a fantastic place to start if you’re interested in eating healthier. We sure do make it easy to do that!”

This summer, Enjoy will start its franchise company with plans to expand in Kansas City and beyond in the coming years. For more information, visit enjoypurefood.com.  

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