Snooze An A.M. Eatery

Find a creative twist on breakfast at Snooze An A.M. Eatery. They’ve perfected doing breakfast differently, both on the plate and in business.

Jason Sexton is the regional manager at Snooze.

“I have worked in the restaurant industry for 23 years in different capacities,” says Jason. “I started my career at the Black Eyed Pea as a server when I was 17 years old and have been in the restaurant industry since. Before Snooze, I was a general manager at both Chili’s and Niko Niko’s. I heard about Snooze, a chef-driven restaurant, in Montrose and that I should go check it out after repeated requests. It blew me away from the food, the service, ambiance, hospitality, and the way they reached out to the community. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by some great people and started as the regional manager for Houston and have expanded to Kansas and Missouri.”

Snooze believes every ingredient they use has its own impact on the planet and our communities.  

“From the way we think about our people, our food and our ambiance, it’s not your typical breakfast place. We throw a party for breakfast every morning and welcome everyone to our table. We celebrate individuality and diversity and start each morning off with energy and positivity. We source our ingredients with a strict set of standards called "Snooze approved" and are getting very close to 100%. These guidelines ensure we are sourcing the cleanest and freshest food possible while knowing that our partners operate with the same ideals as Snooze, from how they treat their community and their people. Snooze lives by the idea that we are an active and important part of the community and donate 1% of our sales back to our communities—this year we will donate over $1 million. We are leaders in sustainability in our industry and believe in changing the world one day and decision at a time.”

Their rigorous Snooze approved standards mean it has to be craveable, respect animals, respect humans and be a company they believe in by following guidelines they trust. Their website is fully transparent, from their approved partners to their list of clean ingredients.

“Our menu is best described as creative, innovative, responsibly sourced, fresh and exciting. We have classic breakfast dishes that are elevated by responsibly sourced cage-free eggs and clean ingredients, but we also have innovative yet approachable twists like the Habanero Pork Belly Benedict or our Blueberry Danish Pancakes and OMG! French Toast.

Their Habanero Pork Belly Benedict is made with seared, cider-braised habanero pork belly on top of a griddled English muffin with bacon espresso jam, and the poached eggs are topped with cream cheese hollandaise and cranberry relish. Their Blueberry Danish Pancakes are topped with blueberry coulis, sweet cream and almond streusel surrounding a center of lemony cream cheese filling. Fresh brioche stuffed with mascarpone and topped with vanilla crème, caramel, fresh strawberries and toasted coconut are used to create the OMG! French Toast. 

“Some of our most popular dishes are the Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes, OMG! French Toast and Juan’s Breakfast Tacos. My favorite is the Corned Beef Hash and—I know it sounds crazy—but our plain pancakes.”

Snooze has big plans for increasing sustainability and adding new locations across the country in the coming years.

“Snooze is growing, and we believe that with growth comes a larger ability to impact change in the world. In 2021, we will reach 50 restaurants, and next year we will bring 10 to 12 more restaurants to new communities," Jason says.

“We are pumped to be in Overland Park—it’s an incredible welcoming community. We are offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions from all to-go and deliveries from every restaurant by partnering with a grasslands project, National Young Farmers Coalition and Native Energy. Last year, we made the same pledge on Earth Day through the end of 2020.”

Snooze has two locations locally in Westport and Overland Park. For more information, visit snoozeeatery.com.

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