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Dish Spotlight: Iskrambol

A Filipino Treat at KC Pinoy


Article by Danielle Lehman

Photography by Alyssa Broadus and Chris Dolt

Nothing hits the spot like frozen desserts. But if you’re bored with the standard scoop on a cone, we’ve got the perfect dish to recommend from KC Pinoy, a Filipino restaurant in the West Bottoms.

Meet Iskrambol: a frozen dessert found on the streets of the Phillippines, and made of shaved ice, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and of course, sprinkles. This pink bright pink dessert topped with mini marshmallows is sure to please kids and adults alike.

Chef and owner of KC Pinoy, Chrissy Nucum, is proud to bring Iskrambol to Kansas City. Growing up in the Phillippines, she has fond memories of the day her father left for the United States and allowed her to enjoy the dessert just that once, which was typically off limits.

Chrissy’s menu is full of many other Filipino dishes that pay homage to her family. In fact, many of the menu items are from her grandmother, who refused to pass along the recipes until very recently.

“We’ve been trying to get the recipes out of her for the longest time", Chrissy says. “In 2013 she finally shared them with everybody. We were like—‘THAT’S what it is!’ So now we have the recipes in a fireproof safe. It’s the first thing I’ll grab if there’s ever a fire.”

Chrissy’s goal is that guests will be open to trying other family favorites on the menu, no matter how unfamiliar they may seem.

“I’ve always stood by the principle of part of the beauty of exploring a new kind of cuisine is that you keep an open mind to the whole experience. I always tell people, ‘just try it’. If you’re gonna go to our restaurant for the first time, and you think you probably will not ever go back, why not try the scariest dish on the menu?"

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