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Nest Interiors Collaborates with Family After House Fire


Article by Lisa Moyer

Photography by Paul Versluis

Originally published in Johnson County Lifestyle

The fire that destroyed the home of Andy and Kristen Kasselman was no match for the resilience in their souls. This young family endured the loss of all of their possessions, except for their prized record collection which survived to set the rhythm for their new home. Their love of music brought resounding hope, and it provided the colorful design aesthetic and vibe that Nest Interiors could play with.

“Losing everything and having to start over was devastating to them,” says Katy Cassaw, co-owner of Nest Interiors. “But they found a beautiful new home, and they reached out to us to help them furnish it. It needed some cosmetic changes to make it feel fresh and fun, like them. We installed the items in each room, hung art, made their beds and helped them have that ‘move that bus’ moment.”

Cassaw says that she and her business partner, Kat Benson, were inspired by the colors of the Kasselmans’ record collection that was salvaged from the fire, playing off its mid-century tempo and casual feel.

“Our favorite part of this project was working with their love of color and texture and then seeing their reaction to coming home to a new space that felt like them,” Benson says. “It was possibly one of the best reactions from a client we’ve had thus far. They were not only excited to see it all come together, but they were finally starting this new chapter in their lives and settling into their new family home. We were so honored to be a part of their story.”

Cassaw says that the biggest challenge of this Overland Park project was balancing its scope (which included a design of the girls’ bedrooms) while keeping within budget. The result was a high-low master mix.

“Mixing price points to get a unique, finished look was our goal,” Cassaw says. “We got thrifty and really wanted pieces that were a high-quality look but wouldn’t break the budget bank because purchasing everything new is a big undertaking and can add up quickly. We put the majority of their budget toward quality furniture pieces that would last them for many years to come.”

The Kasselmans say they are so thrilled with the results of their new home that they have already recommended Nest Interiors to others.

“Kat and Katy were able to really capture who we are in the decor of our home,” Kristen says. “All of the options they presented to us were incredible and very much us. In the end, we chose the options with the most pops of color. We love the record wall, the incorporation of our existing art in the breakfast nook, how cozy our hearth area is, and how kid-friendly our home is. After the fire, we were so eager to have a place that really felt like ours, and Nest gave us that gift.”

Benson says that the biggest reward of this project was seeing the client’s reaction to the finished product. “We absolutely loved collaborating with Kristen and Andy,” she says. “Their design style and vibe were a blast. They’re young and fun, and their love for music and life influenced their design decisions. They embraced an eclectic mix of colors and were unafraid to make bold and quick decisions.”

Katy and Kat say that designing a new home for someone after a horrible tragedy is especially rewarding.

“We love sharing stories like this because we want people to know that you can create a curated, stylish home no matter the budget or circumstances,” Cassaw says. “Putting as much as you can into quality upholstery pieces that you can really live on, and mixing in pillows, accessories, and artwork from local discount stores can give you a unique look that will also last and be comfortable for you and your family. It’s all about the mix and not being afraid to show your story and personality in your home.”


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