My Favorite Things

Stevie Douglas is a lifelong Johnson County resident who moved to Loch Lloyd in 2011 and never plans to leave this beloved community. He is a connoisseur of the finer things in life, so we sat down with him to discover what his favorite go-to items are.

Favorite car

I Currently have a 911 Carrera 4s—grey with red interior. My next one will  be Mexico Blue. I have all service performed by Karl Wilen at Rennsport. I Love going into his shop. I am guaranteed to see a track car or someone's classic 911. It’s literally a candy store for car lovers.

Go-to place to grab a burger in KC

BurgerFi— I love their veggie burgers, and the fries alone are a meal.

Favorite location to grab a drink

Verdigris Bar is a favorite of mine. I order the Green Lion or an Old  Fashion. The Green Lion comes with a faux gold coin frozen onto of block of  ice. (Needles to say, I have a couple of those coins.)

New venture in drinks

Tequila, Clase Azul — A good friend recently gave this to me. Fun Fact - Apparently the lid is made to hit with your hand. It makes a loud ring signaling time for another round for everyone.

Adictivo Tequila (www.Caskers.com) - Try it. You’ll understand.

Go-to for a good cigar

Cigar Lounge - Fireside Cigar (159th & Mur-Len)  This a new business, and the owners are great guys.  My go-to cigar is anything full body.

F1 Racing 

Sunday morning routine before church, watching the “…And it’s lights out and away we go” as race starts… immediate endorphin rush.

New Passion- Golf

Finally decided to learn the game. For years, only played a few rounds a year; mostly in Lake Tahoe on guys trips. I fnally joined the golf club in 2020, and the learning curve is steep, which I love. RMI hooked me up with a cool golf cart. 

Golf Shoes -

I lean towards different looks than the standard  trend. Just bought a pair of Adidas “old school” Superstars golf  shoes. 

Golf Pants -

Puma- I wear them on and off the course. 

Golf Clubs

 I think my set is from 90’s. I am waiting on learning how to  consistently swing a club, and then I”ll reward myself with a new set.

Favorite Flask

Aged & Ore Travel Decanter - great way to enjoy bourbon on  the course (just don’t tell the pro shop) www.agedandore.com

Favorite Book

I recently finished “The Gambler" which is a story of Kirk Kerkorian’s career and life. From Cary Grant, Howard Hughes, Andre Agassi to the infamous Mike Tyson v Evander Holyfield ear biting, Kerkorian’s life was full to say  the least.

Favorite Clothing Store

Halls - Mark (salesman) just knows how to make you look your best.

Favorite Coffee

Morning coffee routine: WSJ with cup of espresso coffee. (from Martin City Coffee) 

Favorite Watch

Polar Vantage M Watch - I workout almost every day. This watch helps track workout intensity, sleep… you name it (www.polar.com)

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