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How to Style 6 Classic Fall Basics

And Get the Most Value Out of Your Items

Article by Jana Meister

Photography by Corey Brown Photography

Fall is in the air in Kansas City. The mornings are getting crisper and the days have a much cooler feel. I thought I'd better grab a few new accessories and some fresh wardrobe basics to help transition myself into the new season. 

The "in-between" seasons are the best time to refresh those often worn items. Nothing is more classic than a crisp clean look that can be recreated season after season. When shopping for these wardrobe extenders, think about durable fabrics like dark denim, suede, cotton, linen, and silk. These high quality fabrics tend to last longer and stay "new" looking longer. 

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I also always tend to gravitate toward neutral colors that can be paired with multiple things in my wardrobe. Tan, black, white, and grey items can be worn and re-worn throughout the season, which will get you more Cost Per Wear. CPW on basic wardrobe items is really important. These pieces should be your most worn and give you the most bang for your buck!

CPW simply means the value of a wardrobe item is directly related to how much you wear it. If a sweater cost you $50 dollars and you only wear it once then your CPW is $50. If you wear it again, your CPW is now $25, and if you wear it 50 times then your new CPW is $1. Keep this in mind as you are adding new items to your wardrobe each season. It helps keep you accountable for your purchases and also lets you know what areas of your wardrobe you are investing in the most.  

6 Classic Fall Basics That Will Never Go Out of Style

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