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Article by Hayley Hyer

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If you've ever thought about planning a trip to Europe, Italy has certainly crossed your mind. Maybe you've been to Rome and have toured the Colosseum, but now you'd like to spend some time in a quaint community with a slower pace. Italy is overflowing with different kinds of experiences, and Andrea Larson of Life Love Larson and Sherry Ott of Otts World have plenty of stories to share with you and inspire your next trip to Italy.

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Cliffside Charm in Cinque Terre, Italy

Andrea Larson spent eight days in Cinque Terre, exploring the coast of the Italian Riviera. Her highlights are the Nutella croissants, cappuccinos, hiking through the famous trails and sunbathing on large rocks in the Mediterranean.

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Trip Adventures: Milan, Italy

After her adventures in Cinque Terre, Andrea Larson visited Milan before returning home. She enjoyed the fast-pace feel of the city and the high-fashion stores all around.

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What to Eat in Naples, Italy

A huge part of the draw to Italy is the food—especially the pizza! Similarly to how we have tons of television shows about cake decorating, Naples has its own competition show about pizza. Have you ever tried deep-fried pizza? Sherry Ott can tell you all about it.

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Immerse Yourself in Italian Food Culture at Cooking School

Maybe you've done the quick visits to Italy, and you're looking to spend some extensive time there. Sherry Ott would recommend Sorrento, Italy, where she spent a month living with a family there. Sherry also revisited Italy recently to reconnect with her friend, Tina, in Massa Lubrense. Check out the beautiful Ravioli alla Caprese she learned how to make!

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