From Blank Canvas to Personal Masterpiece

Home trends reflect personal tastes, styles, and purpose

Every masterpiece begins with a clean, blank canvas, and there is no greater canvas for the average non-artist homeowner than their home itself. From the lines that define the shape to the colors, textures, patterns, and features, all the elements come together to reflect the owner's style, interests, and tastes. But these things change and evolve over time, and unlike the timeless masterpiece paintings of the great Renaissance artists, interior design requires a little updating from time to time to incorporate new trends and to meet the evolving needs of its residents.

Henderson’s iProperties International Realtor team, Rosely Valdez and Karen D’Aquino, represent buyers with the purchase of new and resale homes. They are seeing an uptick in trend requests for modern-style homes with flexible space, with Valdez stating that “there has been an increase of modern-style homes in the valley that have been recently built or remodeled.” She also noted that “the desire for natural light and large windows has also greatly increased. High vaulted ceilings and open concept homes, especially kitchens, are still very popular amongst buyers.”

Modern-style homes with clean lines and neutral color palettes provide buyers with a blank canvas, but so does the incorporation of flexible living space that can be utilized in a variety of capacities when needed. “One of the most recent evolutions is the need for multipurpose rooms for entertainment and remote work,” said Valdez.

These clean, empty spaces are then accented with color, textures, and light to fit the homeowner’s taste. “We are seeing an increase in wallpaper décor to accent specific walls in the home,” said Valdez. She also noted that homebuyers are looking at both form and function, saying that “lighting is no longer just a need, but a notable feature of the kitchen, dining rooms, and great rooms.”

The trend towards simpler, modern residential architecture is echoed by Edna Narrido, Managing Owner of Wildseed Living, a lifestyle boutique featuring distinctive furniture, décor, and more located in Town Square Las Vegas.

Narrido, who was heavily influenced by the architecture and design of Chicago as well as through the course of her extensive world travels, notes that Las Vegas’ overall tastes when it comes to interior design and home décor are a result of “the different influx of new transports from different states and countries,” but those more traditional or elaborate stylings popularized especially in the 70s and 80s “are now being transformed to a more simpler modern look like the architecture of the homes now being built in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.”

While the clean, modern aesthetic is certainly the trend of the moment, Narrido, who spent years servicing interior designers, boutique stores, and film set decorators through her wholesale business in Los Angeles before relocating to Las Vegas, would add a bit of caution.

She explains that in her experience, the modern home aesthetic “sometimes may sound fabulous, [but] is not always as realistic.” Instead, she suggests layering additional styles over the blank canvas of the modern home.

“Highlight elements of design and style, applying monochromatic palettes, juxtaposing natural materials or objects to create dramatic or ironic contrast. Utilize plants and flowers, layerings of forms and textures,”

she said. And echoing Valdez, she’d encourage the use of modern lighting.

From blank canvases to modern, layered masterpieces reflective of each homeowner’s lifestyle and personality, home design will shift and ebb as its form will always follow its function.

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