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Living at Avalon Assisted Living

Despite the common misconception, assisted living communities are not like their counterparts of the past. Today they offer a myriad of amenities, dining options and social activities for our senior loved ones. Through these services, many residents are finding that today’s assisted living communities provide convenience, happiness and an improved quality of life. 

The Avalon Assisted Living Residences and Bridgeway Senior Healthcare have locations in both Bridgewater and Hillsborough. Offering a continuum of care, this family-owned business has something to fit the needs of every senior: rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care, memory care, and respite care. 

For the past two years, 96-year old Stephanie Maxwell has been a resident of the Avalon Assisted Living at Bridgewater, and she’s proud to tell everyone about her experience.

Living a life that many of us aspire to, Stephanie has always maintained an active lifestyle and kept working as a computer bookkeeper until just a few years ago. Like many of the elderly residents at the Avalon, when Stephanie’s daughter first approached her with the idea of moving into an assisted living community, she was adamantly against it. 

Stephanie admits thinking to herself, “Does my daughter not want me here?” 

Her daughter did extensive research and knew the Avalon provided the best opportunity for her mother to enjoy her later years, so they made a deal. If after two weeks Stephanie didn’t like living there, then she could move back in with her, no questions asked. Funny enough, Stephanie wound up loving living at the Avalon so much that she questions why she didn’t make the decision to move there even sooner. 

When Stephanie moved into the Avalon she says she felt like a local celebrity. From day one, everyone was extremely welcoming. She never had to try hard to make friends, 

“Everyone is so friendly and nice here. I can’t find fault in any of them,” says Stephanie. 

There’s plenty to do at the Avalon to keep active and engaged. The team keeps its residents on the move! The daily schedule includes social, cultural and recreational activities. There are also planned outings and a library with computers and internet access.

“I never played cards before moving here. Now I play cards all the time. I’m getting very good at it I might add," Stephanie brags. 

Stephanie gives us a tour of her private bedroom. Beautifully decorated with numerous personal touches, there are photos of her family spread throughout the room. While there is a small refrigerator and microwave in the room, Stephanie enjoys most of her meals downstairs in the top-notch dining room. 

Stephanie tells us, “I am proud of my room. When people visit and they like it, it makes me happy.”

When asked what she would tell a senior who was apprehensive about moving into the Avalon, Stephanie sits back in her chair, clutches her monthly book of activities and says, “When it’s time to create a new home, this is the place to go.”

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