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Sport Medicine for young athletes and adults to keeps us active and safe.

Sports Medicine: Sports injuries can happen anytime. Our 13-year-old, got hit by a baseball in his first  game of the season that resulted in a bone fracture. When these things happen, it’s very important to be ready with the best medical care and options our area has to offer! 

Dr. Louis Rizio, is a talented and experienced sports medicine doctor and surgeon. He works with colleges in the area to prevent, protect and fix injuries. “I’m the head team physician for NJIT and KEAN University, in addition to my full-time sports medicine practice in Short Hills. I’ve also been working with NJIT’s Bio engineering department on STEM cell research for over 10 years. I also set up a student scholarship for life sciences at NJIT. I’ve been in practice for about 20 years. During my training I was responsible for taking care of the University of Miami athletics, worked with the Dolphins, the Marlins, etc.” Sports injuries include ligament tears, fractures to tendons, shoulder dislocations, ankle strains, elbow, and shoulder injuries from throwing, and its equal for boys and girls. “I figure out how to get the athletes to continue to participate and not get hurt. The window of opportunity is short in college. It’s only four years. If you miss a season, you can lose that whole year. We also manage pediatric sports injuries for high school age or younger kids. It’s not uncommon to see kids today with sports injuries. Kids play so much that they are at risk for both overuse and acute trauma.”

Sports medicine isn’t just for kids. It’s for anyone who is active.  We met Dr. Rizio when John needed treatment for his tennis elbows, and for the record, he doesn’t play tennis! Things break down with age. “I’m trained in specific orthoscopic technique. Orthopedics is the architecture for the body of medicine. It’s your muscular skeletal system, the foundation for everything that you do. It is the architecture frame of your person. Injuries can happen at any age.  Things like tennis elbow, arthritis…knee replacements that can impact your ability to run, ski or take a fitness class…things that are affecting your quality of life, these are things that I help with.”  

Dr. Rizio has three athletic boys. His wife is also a physician who he met while at her residency at Overlook. “She lived on the same street when we were at Rutgers, and we never ran into each other!” He’s a busy physician who dedicates time to his children. “I’ve been their baseball team coach, and more. I spend time on the road going to tournaments all over the country, baseball, and basketball. “

Health and Wellness:It’s a balance. I realize that the less I do, the less I can do. When I pick up my activity level, and keep my weight down, I have clearer thinking, and feel invigorated. I help my patients get active. There are ways of working around the injuries and age process to not injure yourself.”  Experience counts. Dr. Rizio has been in practice for 20 years. “I can identify with my patients in different ways. I understand what it was like to be a young athlete. I find a way to keep them active.”

What sets you apart?  “Having specific training on sport injuries and orthoscopic techniques.  I help get the athlete back in a fast and safe way…understanding the actual sports and the athlete, I can devise a plan that works.” Orthoscopic surgery requires a small incision using an orthoscope camera for the surgery. “Some orthopedic doctors are not surgeons. I am both. I’m a sports medicine trained surgeon.”  Dr. Rizio is a must visit for the young and not so young! We had a very positive experience. I encourage you to get to know him! Visit  www.drrizio.com 

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