Sending Your College Kids Back to School

A Hilarious and Heart-Warming Take

It's never easy when we have to send our kids away to college. It's a time of mixed emotions - ecstatic, heartbroken, excited, maybe even a little afraid. And that's just to start. You'll likely ask yourself "Where has the time gone?" And while local author Christy Pruitt-Haynes doesn't have the answer to THAT question, she does provide a heartwarming and hilarious take on the whole process of raising kids and sending them off. I Have to Pay for This is a comical picture book for parents who are getting ready to face the reality of college bills while simultaneously facing the emotions of their baby leaving home.

About Christy 

Christy Pruitt-Haynes is a well-respected speaker, author, and C-Suite collaborator based in Nashville who combines 25 years of executive level human resources, diversity, and leadership development expertise with a healthy dose of profound strategy and results-focused resourcefulness to create innovative organizations and highly effective leaders. Whether on a stage giving a TEDx talk, a keynote to 1,000+ member audiences, or meeting one-on-one with a CEO, Christy adds a fresh perspective that leads to actionable “aha moments.” Her trusted insights can regularly be found in Business Insider, The Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company, among others. In her book I Have to Pay for This, Christy combines her wit and heart in a comical and heartwarming picture book for parents of rising college freshman. IHaveToPayForThis.com and ChristyPruitt-Haynes.com

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