Learning Opportunities in the City by the Lake

From Preschool Through High School, Education is Alive and Well in Hendersonville

Since its founding over 50 years ago, Hendersonville has grown from a small town with just a few residents to a vibrant city of almost 60,000 people. There are many reasons behind the city’s steady population growth, including its proximity to Old Hickory Lake, a welcoming business climate and a wide range of entertainment and recreational opportunities.

However, one of the most important considerations for businesses and individuals seeking to relocate to different areas is the quality and reputation of local schools. These days, most potential movers would not consider any community who could not provide their children with a quality education.

Fortunately, Hendersonville is blessed with some of the best public and private schools in the state of Tennessee. From preschools through high schools, children in the City by the Lake have a wide range of outstanding educational options to help prepare them for their futures.

This month, Hendersonville Lifestyle is taking a look at three of the finest schools that call our city home.

The Goddard School

The Goddard School of Hendersonville has been providing outstanding preschool education and childcare for area children since 2010. Every day, the school serves over 180 children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 6 years old. The school’s highly educated and experienced faculty provides personalized instruction through low teacher/student ratios ranging from 4:1 for infants, 6:1 for toddlers and 9:1 for preschoolers.

“At Goddard, we focus on education and early childhood development,” says franchise owner Leisa Byars. “We are dedicated to providing the foundation to encourage a child's lifelong love of learning. Our school offers spacious and welcoming classrooms, a proven curriculum and nurturing teachers, all of which enable us to offer the best preparation for social and academic success.”

Along with its regular classroom instruction, the Goddard School also offers several enrichment programs designed to enhance student educational experiences. These enhanced activities include introductory Spanish, chess, yoga and age-appropriate technology instruction.

Parents who are considering enrolling their children in a preschool are encouraged to carefully research their options before making a final decision, and the Goddard School is happy to help with the process.

“We always encourage parents to do their homework, including touring candidate schools, talking with their child’s pediatrician and seeking the advice of their neighbors and co-workers,” says Leisa. “The Goddard School has earned a solid reputation for being the best preschool in Sumner County, and we happy to share our story with prospective parents and students.”

During 2019, the Goddard School of Hendersonville expanded its operations by opening a campus in nearby Gallatin. In 2022, the school will expand once more with the opening of new school in Murfreesboro.

108 Cinema Drive,

Hendersonville, TN



Jack Anderson Elementary School

Located on the border of Hendersonville and Gallatin, Jack Anderson Elementary School (JAE) has been serving area children in grades K-5 since 1999. Since its inception, the school has garnered a well-earned reputation for educational excellence by preparing thousands of students for the challenges of middle and high school.

One of the main reasons that JAE has earned such high marks is due to the efforts of its dedicated faculty and staff.

“Whether they are brainstorming activities or researching ideas to foster student leadership, our faculty members get absolutely giddy when they plan together for the sake of kids,” says Jack Anderson Principal Tressa Sanders. “Our team is collaborative, generous, brilliant, kind, loving and hilarious.”

Along with a devoted faculty, the school is also blessed with a supportive parent population.

“Our families will do whatever it takes to provide the best learning environment for their children,” says Tressa. “Whether it is time, talent, or resources, our parents go above and beyond to make magic happen for the students at Jack Anderson.”

One of the most unique attributes of JAE is its designation as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) school.

“The STEM program helps cultivate all of the skills students will need for future success in the workforce, including critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration,” says Tressa. “Our goal is to produce students who are real-world problem-solvers, critical thinkers, innovators, team players and creators.”

After starting its STEM program in 2012, JAE achieved national accreditation with the AdvancED certification in 2016. This achievement was followed in 2018 with the receipt of the State of Tennessee’s STEM school designation.

At JAE, the commitment to students is more than just professional; it is personal. Currently, over fifty staff members have children who either attend the school or who attended it in the past.

“There is truly no other place that I would want my child to be,” says Tressa. “We strive to perfect the learning environment we desire and expect for all kids, including our own. At Jack Anderson, the success of kids is our product and our priority.”

250 Shutes Lane,

Hendersonville, TN



Pope John Paul II Preparatory School

The 2021-22 academic year will be one of celebration for Pope John Paul II (JPII) as it commemorates its twentieth year of providing academic, athletic, artistic and spiritual education to students in and around Hendersonville. It will also be a year of transition, as the institution expands from high school with grades 9 – 12 to a full-blown preparatory school offering grades 6 – 12.

“As a school within the Diocese of Nashville, we had to wait to add the additional grades until the timing was right for our entire community,” says Director of Marketing and Communications Jennifer Smith. “We believe that adding grades 6 – 8 will benefit our students’ educational experience by better preparing them to explore their gifts and talents more deeply during their high school years.”

Currently, JPII has 756 students who have access to a wide range of educational opportunities, including a large number of Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses, STEM training, internships and a unique JPII Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. With a teacher/student ratio of only 12:1, each JPII student is assured of getting the personal attention needed to help prepare them for college and beyond.

“The JPII advantage is three things: a variety of strong and innovative academic programs that support the needs of various learners, caring and talented teachers and a supportive, faith-based environment,” says Pope John Paul II Head of School Mike Deely. “Our school is built around the belief that God made each student with gifts and a purpose, and we want to support and develop the God-given talents of each of our students.” 

As a private Catholic school, JPII requires annual tuition and related fees for students to attend each year. However, the school’s administration and faculty are dedicated to seeing that the academic opportunities afforded to students more than outweigh any costs of attendance.

“The depth of our academic programs, the quality of our student experience and the ability for our students to explore many interests and talents through athletics, fine arts, and internships makes us unique,” says Mike. “At JPII, we want parents to feel that it is worth it, and that they know that their children are getting something that is hard to find elsewhere.”

117 Caldwell Drive,

Hendersonville, TN



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