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Prepare To Get Hungry

Has all of your holiday indulgences left you feeling unhealthy? For many, the start of the new year signals the start of a new you.  

If you’re looking to cleanse or just start the year off on the right foot you’ll want to check out the newest juice bar in Brentwood, Clean Juice!  Most of us enter a juice bar with the purpose of being healthy, right? What if we told you most of the common ingredients found at these juice bars are on the list as some of the most highly contaminated foods on the planet? Clean Juice is 100% organic and they are CCOF certified.  

Clean Juice has two types of juices. One is made upon request. You can select your own ingredients through the transparent glass. Those should be consumed within 45 minutes to get the full benefit of the nutrients. The second is cold press juice. Cold press juices can last up to 5 days refrigerated. The best-sellers are the Orange, Cashew Milk and the Latte.  

“We’re not just a juice bar. We have Greenoa Bowls (greens w/quiona), Specialty Toasts, Smoothies and Acai Bowls.” Said Jackie, manager of the Brentwood location.  “We have something here for everyone!  For brides-to-be, to cancer patients, to post-holiday binge folks, we can help jump start your body back to healthy!” 

If you’re looking to make some changes in your own home, Clean Juice offers up some great advice. “If you’re looking to make some swaps to sugar we recommend using maple syrup, honey or date paste.” Said Jackie, “these types of sweeteners cause a lower rise in blood glucose (sugar) levels than white sugar. Come try us, you won’t be disappointed!”

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