Restoring Your Home’s Integrity

with United Structural Systems

“We’re surgeons for your home. We repair people’s greatest investments.” This statement from Chris Smith, Owner/President at United Structural Systems (USS), truly captures the essence of how seriously the company’s 140 employees take their jobs. And when it comes to valuing
his employees, Chris takes it even one step further. “The greatest asset we have is the people who make up USS. When you have a culture like we do, when you put your employees first, you automatically get your customers taken care of.”

USS is a family-owned and operated foundation repair company founded in 1994. And it has been this positive culture and sincere appreciation for its employees that has contributed to USS’s significant growth in the home repair market for the past 27 years. Having helped over 19,000 satisfied homeowners throughout middle Tennessee and Kentucky restore the integrity of their homes, the company’s slogan ‘We guarantee our best. Call USS,’ is genuine and spot-on.

Says Chris, “When homeowners first contact us, they may say ‘My house is settling’ or ‘My house is sinking.’ The issues they describe can range anywhere from cracking bricks or settling sidewalks outside the home, to cracking drywall inside the house. Or, if they own a basement home, they may see water on the floor, wet walls, or notice that ‘the basement walls are bowing.’”

Chris adds that another sign of structural damage can come from the homeowner noticing a certain “smell” in the house. He explains, “The crawl space in a home is not an area where people generally go, and there could be water issues. With no fresh air or sunlight in this area, mold can form. The summer months arrive bringing high humidity levels, and musty odors can travel up from the crawl space into the rest of the home. This alerts the homeowner that something is definitely not right.”

The most common signs of foundation issues include exterior cracks in brick veneer, standing water in the crawl space or basement, doors or windows sticking, or cracks or other blemishes in the drywall. Signs of water in the basement or crawlspace can range from musty orders and white chalky powder on the surface of a concrete or brick wall, to mold or mildew growth and cracks in concrete floors.

Chris points out that USS’s versatility and expertise in dealing with the numerous structural issues a home can experience is a significant benefit for their customers. “We’re like mutual funds. We’re diversified. Whether your home is experiencing structural problems with its foundation, water issues in the basement, or concrete that is sinking, USS can restore the integrity of your home.”

United Structural Systems, Inc.
211 Boat Factory Road
Pleasant View, TN 37146
USS also has sales offices in Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro.

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