Demystifying The Custom Home Building Process

Hannah Homes Has A Proven Process To Get You Into Your Dream Home

Since the founding of the nation, home ownership has been one of the hallmarks of the “American Dream.” From small starter homes to elaborate estates, buying a home signifies financial security and stability.

Just as there are many different types of homes, there are also many types of homeowners.

Some homeowners are content to live out their lives in the first home that they purchase. They grow attached to their dwellings, equating them with fond memories of life with family and friends.

Other homeowners are not content with the status quo. They find that they have outgrown their current houses, and they begin to yearn for something different. Many of them are able to find their next residences within the existing inventory of pre-built houses offered by local realtors.

However, some owners have needs and desires that cannot be accommodated through existing homes. They have very specific requirements for what they want in a home that suit their unique situations and personalities. For these homeowners, there is only one option – designing and building a custom home.

With that in mind, Hendersonville Lifestyle reached out to local home builder Hannah Custom Homes & Remodeling to help our readers gain a better understanding of the custom home building process.

Founded in 2005 by Dusty Hannah, Jeff Pyle and Misty Pyle, Hannah Custom Homes is widely recognized for building beautiful, high-quality homes that set new standards for design and detail. As such, the company is uniquely qualified to help prospective homeowners navigate the custom construction maze.

“Building a custom home should be a creative, fun and satisfying experience,” says Misty Pyle, Hannah Custom Homes owner and office manager. “It is a time during which homeowners get to transform their visions of ideal living spaces from dreams into realities. It is a time that should be savored.”

While exciting, custom home building can also be a mysterious and intimidating process for many people. However, partnering with the right design and building team can help families ease their way into their dream homes.

“At Hannah, we do our best to demystify the custom home building process. We believe that the best way to start a new home project is to choose the construction team from day one – the architect, designer (if applicable) and builder,” says Misty. “This team approach makes certain that the home is designed from the beginning with buildability in mind. It also ensures that homeowner lifestyles and budgets are considered, and that custom solutions/creative touches are incorporated, resulting in a cost-efficient approach to home building.”

Although starting off with the right team and a good plan is critical, it is not enough to ensure the successful completion of the project. Custom home building consists of a series of steps, from the initial design to homeowner move-in, and constant, two-way communication is critical to keeping the process on schedule.

“The home building process should be designed to support and assist homeowners with each task by breaking down each stage into manageable and realistic components from which decisions can be made,” says Misty. “At Hannah, we take pride in our open communication, detail orientation and meticulous organization.  We understand that a new home is likely the largest investment many homeowners will ever make, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.”

After a homeowner decides to pursue a custom build, the next decision to be made is how to choose a home builder. There are a variety of factors to consider, including the builder’s reputation, design/construction process, building portfolio, experience with similar projects and personality/communications style.

“Although we are known for building showpiece homes, that isn’t what really sets us apart from other builders,” says Misty. “Many builders can bring your Pinterest board to life, but we take it to another level by focusing on what makes the most long-term quality differences – the spaces underneath the home, inside the walls and in the attic. These are the areas that ensure that the humidity, temperature and general environment are correct and specific to family needs. Making homes comfortable, efficient, and long-lasting is where we shine.”

One of the most important requirements that drive homeowners to custom builds is the desire to incorporate unique designs and the most modern features/upgrades into their homes. From media rooms to outdoor kitchens, there is no shortage of available options that can be incorporated within a custom home.

However, the presence of these features does not ensure the long-term livability of the home. That characteristic is largely determined by how well the house handles water and air management.

“At Hannah, we believe that the building envelope should be both airtight and waterproof.  From the details of the crawlspace to the design of the structure, and the type of sheathing to the treatment of exterior penetrations, every part of the project is meticulously scrutinized for optimal efficiency and tightness,” says Misty. “We inspect each home at critical milestones to ensure our standards are met before proceeding to the next construction phase.” 

For families whose home no longer meets their needs, it may be time for a change. If that change includes considering a custom-built home, the homeowner’s first call should be to Hannah Custom Homes.

Hannah Custom Homes & Remodeling

100 Commerce Drive, Suite A,

Hendersonville, TN  37075


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