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Fire Pit Art

The Hot New Trend for Those in the Glow

As autumn brings us cooler evenings that darken ever earlier, thank goodness for a hot new trend that keeps us warm and glowing: artistic fire pits. Here in Brentwood, we don’t have to travel far afield to find the perfect one for our own outdoor space. Fire Pit Art, an artisanal business that creates unique works of hand-cut art, is located in nearby Lebanon with Embers Grill and Fireplace featuring several of Rick Wittrig's masterworks here in town.

Designed to become an everlasting part of one’s family tradition, no two pieces are exactly alike as Rick and his team handcraft each of them.

“We handcraft them knowing they will outlast most of their owners,” says Donna Wittrig, Rick’s partner.

As for the inspiration of the designs, much of it comes from the couple’s travels.

“The inspiration for Vesuvius came after our trip to Italy last summer,” Donna says. “The Manta Ray design reminds of us our days scuba diving.”

But customers are welcome to submit their own inspirations.

“We are pleased to create these custom pieces for our clients, personalizing most of them to make each piece even more unique to the owner. All of our pieces are numbered and signed by Rick.”

The warmth and light of an open hearth under the stars provide a focal point for reflection, extending the living area of one’s home well past its confining walls. The flames stimulate the imagination, allowing for animated conversations around the fire, an ancient human practice stretching back to the time when the first flints were flaked.  

For more information, call 615.668.3311 or visit

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