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Article by Brianna Melanson

Photography by Lisa Linn Manley

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Mike Williamson has been in the car business since the 70’s. After finding his niche in golf carts, he opened Mikey’s Motors in Murfreesboro in 2009. Mike’s wife works by his side doing HR, making Mikey’s Motors a truly locally owned and operated business. In September 2020, they
opened their second location in Franklin, a hot spot for golfers and golf cart-friendly neighborhoods.

General Manager, Kaley Brownlee says, “It’s similar to the car industry, but we make it as painless as possible. It’s important to us to take care of our customers.” Whether you buy new or used, your cart will stay in top condition with their on-site maintenance packages and battery checks. They also have weekend rentals available for tournaments, weddings, and other events.

Mikey’s is proud to be the largest low-speed dealer in Tennessee and to have been named the top 20 dealer for E-Z-GO golf carts in the country this year. Their E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium model is one of the best sustainable carts to explore in. In fact, they are 59% more efficient than others
on the market. No matter what charge the battery is at, the power stays consistent. This reliable ride has an 8 year battery warranty.

Compared to gas-powered carts, electric carts are inexpensive, less maintenance, faster, and quieter. More and more people are discovering the benefits of owning an electric golf cart, whether they’re a golfer or not. The staff at Mikey’s Motors makes finding the best golf cart for
your lifestyle easy.

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