A Room of One's Own

Pretty and Multi-use She Spaces

We’ve all heard of man caves, but what about spaces just for women? We could all use a special place to read a book, get some work done, or just indulge in some reality television. These “she spaces” are becoming increasingly popular.

“Women love a big laundry room, and not just for laundry,” says Lisa Culp Taylor, a Realtor with Parks Realty in Franklin. “It’s a flexible space that works as a craft room, a wrapping area, or if you’re having a big party, a staging and prep area. An oversized laundry room fills that need in various ways, plus it’s typically close to the kitchen on the main level, so it’s convenient. Ideally, this room would have a big island in the

Beyond that, Lisa says she’s had several requests for meditation/yoga areas. And these spaces don’t have to be located strictly indoors. “A lot of women are creating their own little spaces in the garden, whether it’s a small meditation area or a place to do yoga,” she says.

Of course, working women need some kind of office space. “So many women are working and need that ‘Zoom room’ - a room that looks pretty all the time,” says Lisa. This space can be used for multiple purposes too, which is important, especially when there is limited space in a home.

Lisa has an experienced and knowledgeable team of women who work together to give clients the best buying and selling experiences in Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville. Come in, call, or go to LisaCulpTaylor.com and see what the LCT Team of Parks Realty has to offer. One
upcoming listing, she says, has not only a workstation and craft area, but also a little potting shed in the yard since the homeowner enjoys gardening. Perfectly peaceful!

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