DeRo Renovations Rebuilds Nashville

Larry DeRossett grew up in the country, in an environment where he learned the value of hard work from a young age. His first job came at age 16. His mentor at this early age was a man named Randy, who taught him step-by-step how to work diligently, step by step. He has a vast experience of general contracting and building. 

Larry owned a successful general contracting business in Illinois, Tejax Building. In 2013 Larry decided to make the move to Nashville and bring his experience and his son with him. DeRo Renovations is a family run business operated in Williamson county with his son, Jackson, is by his side on most of their projects. 

When the tornado hit Nashville in March, Larry made the decision to devote his time to tornado relief. He says, "I feel like I've been called to do this. Helping others comes naturally to me." 

Rebuilding after storms is very familiar to Larry. He took a team down to Mississippi and Louisiana to rebuild after a tornado wiped out a town, traveled to Florida to work after a hurricane, and has now found himself in the heart of relief efforts here in Nashville, rebuilding not only people's homes, but their lives. His first project post tornado was a home in Mt. Juliet. Before he finished the first home, the neighbors starting calling him. "I show up, cover their roof, keep the rain away, and as I go," he says. "Once people start working with me they know they can trust me. I take care of them in a respectful and caring way, and they appreciate that."

One recent homeowner was an 84-year-old man with health and breathing problems. Larry noticed he was breathing hard and asked if he was OK. The man opened up and told him he has trouble with with breathing. Larry's crew worked swiftly and safely to rebuild his home. His crew wears 95 masks at all times, to keep their clients safe. For the last eight weeks, anyone who works for Larry wears a mask; it is a requirement.  

There are challenges in working with clients to rebuild their homes after a disaster hits. Remodelers and contractors have to be diligent, they must document everything. Photographing damage and inconsistencies with the insurance claim is very important. 

When the professionals come in to work and find additional problems that arise within the damage, it can be a challenge. Larry says, "A lot can depend on how the policy is written, and the quality of the agent that wrote the policy. If you have a good agent that is taking care of you and who wrote a good policy for you it could make a huge difference."

Larry and his son, Jackson, have a passion for building the space of their client's dreams. They work meticulously to give each client exactly what they want. He says, "The homeowner is going to live in this space and I want them to enjoy it as much as possible."

With 30 years of experience, Larry and his son are still learning with every project they take on. "There is no such thing as a perfect job.  When I do something I want it to be the best thing that I can possibly do and I learn from every job," Larry says. 

The DeRossett family is here to help your family with kitchen and bathroom remodels, decks, sun rooms, and just about anywhere inside or outside your home that needs attention.  

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