Grove Park Builds Trophy Assets

Home Designs And Special Amenities That Endure As Heirloom Investments

Grove Park is perceived as being on the cutting edge of residential design, and is known for ‘building the most exquisite homes on the most valuable land in Brentwood, Franklin and Belle Meade.’ Using natural materials inside and out, ultra-outdoor indulgences, formal kitchens and sculleries, lighting, and technology advances, its clients equally demand the latest and greatest in material selection and design.

Clients indicate they know Grove Park is synonymous with both exceptional beauty and enduring quality. Outside the home, natural stained siding allows homes to blend seamlessly into the landscape in concert with the natural backdrop. Grove Park is the driving factor behind an accelerating local trend of using premium roofing throughout luxury communities, such as Oman, Harlan and The Troubadour Golf & Field Club.

“Classic elements, like copper detailing, bed depth stone, and cobblestone driveway detailing, add beauty to the natural siding and a cedar or slate roof,” says Brandon Jenkins, Grove Park president.  

Land availability and the trends of downsizing have led to more compact and efficient outdoor spaces, including the use of ‘spools’ or a spa/pool combination. "On estate lots, the infinity edge resort-style pool is a classic that will never go out of style,” Brandon says.

Argentine wood-fired barbeque grills are the newest chef’s dream in the outdoor kitchen arena. Fire features also are the rage with amazing fire pits, outdoor fireplaces featuring cannonball details, and gas lanterns. Artificial turf for putting and chipping greens, as well as pet areas, has cleaned up the look of typically grassed areas outside. Top cast concrete flatwork augments natural stone hardscapes.

Inside the home, Grove Park clients appreciate more natural wood finishes and earth tones. Marie-Jo Bouffard, of JFY Designs, says, “Our work with Grove Park is bespoke. I strive to create homes that will feel elevated and perfectly tailored to all clients' lives, something well-designed and built with noble materials that will truly stand the test of time.”

Designs are enduring the lifespan of an heirloom investment. “You can come back and visit in 50 years, and we might've repainted a few walls or tweaked some pillows according to the trends, but the house itself is designed in a way that architecturally it has not aged," Marie-Jo adds. 

Homeowners are coming with expectations from other fabulous homes in different parts of the country. They're gravitating toward homes tailored to the way that they live and entertain. Technology allows the owner to control lighting, climate and security from anywhere in the world. Grove Park builds with these principles in mind.  Effective use of this kind of lighting design creates a sparkle in the home similar to that of well-chosen jewelry.

“When we design lighting for a home, it’s almost theatrical,” Marie-Jo continues. “The lighting is functional and also helps draw the eye where you want people to look, but you rarely want to see the source.”

Nowhere is function and fashion more on display than in kitchen designs. Cabinetry continues to display the craftsmanship of fine furniture while appliances integrate the classic appearance and gourmet performance with high-tech features. Touchless operation of faucets joins the concealment of any part of the essential kitchen necessities. Even the kitchen itself can be concealed through the use of scullery kitchens hidden in adjacent rooms or walk-in pantries.

Luxury trends in home design are items that one would be more accustomed to seeing in internationally acclaimed Manhattan hotels like the Baccarat, Montage, and Aman. Details one would typically experience in luxury suites are now taken as inspiration for the design and decor of an owner’s suite in the Middle Tennessee real estate market. Televisions and security features are present but concealed to preserve the serenity of the space. Grand bathroom designs incorporate elements of art that inspire the start of your day. Floating vanities and mirrors are highlighted in a space flooded with natural light. All of this is carefully designed and handcrafted by the building team of Grove Park.

Grove Park homes and neighborhoods are setting a new standard in the Nashville real estate market, and that standard is truly world-class, says Brandon.

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