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Exploring Your Pool Options

Article by Brianna Melanson

Photography by James Williams Photography

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

As summer approaches, a pool sounds so refreshing and inviting. People without pools start to wish they had one, but they deserve one built to their specific wants and needs rather than a “cookie-cutter” pool. Jason Shapiro of Perfect 7 Pools designs and builds custom luxury pools
for families in Franklin. His boutique-style business has been around since 2015.

It is important for Jason to have a clear understanding of the family and their lifestyle before planning and building their pool. Every detail depends on their hobbies, preferences, yard, and home exterior.  Jason renders a 3D image of the yard and back of their house. Once that’s approved, construction begins.  Before they know it, they’ll be having drinks by their gorgeous one-of-a-kind pool while their kids have a swimming contest.

Jason says, “When my clients and their children play the highlight reel of their life decades later, some of their memories will likely take place at the pool I built and designed for them. I approach every project with that in mind.”  All of his clients have unique stories and motivations
for adding a pool to their home.

1) Don’t be Salty; Salt vs. Chlorine
Many people think they want a saltwater pool for its silky feel and low maintenance. However, with more research, they’ll learn that salt water systems can be more of a headache than expected. A saltwater pool does not mean chlorine-free. The water may not smell of chlorine,
but the salt system is still producing chlorine to purify the water. Saltwater pools only thrive when they are consistently maintained and kept above 55 degrees. So in Tennessee, only a portion of the year the salt will naturally make chlorine. In addition, the mineral can corrode high traffic areas when it seeps into the deck’s pores resulting in more stress and money to spend.

2) Think on your Feet; Travertine is Cool
Compared to concrete pavers, travertine pool decks are significantly cooler under the hot sun. You don’t have to worry about burning your bare feet when walking around the pool. The natural stone, sourced from Turkey, is available in a variety of colors to match the home. So ivory or
silver travertine would go perfectly with a modern white brick home while rustic homes will pair well with the earthy look of scabos travertine. Jason says, “You want to carry the fixtures, finishes, style and feel of the house into the back yard so there’s no visual disconnect.”

3) Dive In; The Deep End

Perfect 7 pools typically go down to between 5.5 and 6 feet deep. This makes playing pool games such as Marco Polo and volleyball a breeze. If you want a diving board, the deep end must be a minimum of 8.5 feet deep. Take a moment to think about how often a diving board would be used in your household. A typical pool size is 40 by 20 feet, so if 24 feet of the pool is designated for diving, you’ll be treading water in more than half the pool. The pool can be perfect for exercise purposes, but more often the pool is a leisurely place to relax and have fun.

4) The Right Angle; Circular or Rectangular
While Perfect 7 can create any shape you want for your pool, round and rectangle pools are the most common. Between the two, sleek rectangular pools are both classic and on trend. The geometric, clean lines present a formal and contemporary vibe. The simplicity makes it a
wonderful foundation to add special wow-factors. These premium components include water features, negative edges, fire features, copper scuppers, and more. Rectangular pools are also great for those who swim laps because of the extra length. The rectangular shape is the easiest
to cover and a better option for narrow yards.

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