Chatting With the Foxx Himself

Influencer Kyle Boen Shares His Creative Passion Through Stayfoxx Studios

Q: What prompted you to start Stayfoxx Studios? 

A: I have always had a passion for art and interior design. I've been painting and drawing for years, and recently began posting both art and interiors on my lifestyle Instagram page, @stayfoxx. Once more people began asking about how they could purchase my pieces and inquiring on what would look best in their homes, my partner and I thought it would be best to make a separate page and website to house this side of Stayfoxx. 

Q: Where does the name Stayfoxx come from? 

A: Years ago, as I was online searching for inspiration for a piece I was working on, I came across an image of a fox dressed up to the nines. He had glasses, a top hat and tuxedo. He just seemed to encompass such style and confidence - and I thought, 'That is exactly how I want to feel.' So Stayfoxx was born. The extra X is just for looks - ha! 

Q: What is your background in design? 

A: I do not have a professional background in design. Although I did grow up around it. My aunt was into interior design, and I watched her as I grew up, and how she always had such a keen eye for it. I have always just drawn inspiration for my design work from coffee table books and timeless, classic spaces. 

Q: What's one question you most often get asked about home design? 

A: The most asked question is: how do you make your home look so cozy and neat but also lived in? Adding everyday items like throws and large pillows to your bed, sofa and chairs add coziness. Folding and fluffing those just right is what can make it look cozy, yet lived in. 

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from when you paint? 

A: My biggest inspiration is the music I listen to while painting. I also pull inspiration while out on a drive, or antiquing. Timeless, classic artwork is what inspires me most.  

Q: What's your passion in painting? Is it mostly abstracts? You do some landscapes too?

A: My passion in painting is seeing what comes together as I paint and the end result. A lot of times when I feel creative, I don't have an end result in my mind. I just hear or see something that sparks creativity and I go to my studio and pick up a brush and let it do its job. For the most part, my work is abstracts, yes. My landscapes mean a lot to me. I draw so much inspiration from driving through Tennessee. As I pass an old barn with a creek next to it with the mountains in the background, it just sparks so much joy inside of me to take that and make my own version of it. 


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