An Ounce of Prevention Goes A Long Way

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

For Dr. William Pals, animal care runs in the family. His father is a veterinarian, so it stands to reason that Dr. Pals would join the family business.

In 2016, Dr. Pals opened Goose Creek Pet Hospital in Franklin, TN. Four years later, the now thriving care center is where over 2800 precious pets get tender love and care. Because Dr. Pals splits his time between Tennessee and Indiana, he decided to bring on a
partner, finding the perfect match in Dr. Walsh. Together the two have created a welcoming and caring environment at Goose Creek Pet Hospital, treating dogs, cats and various exotic animals.

“From the moment you walk in, you should feel warm and invited,” Dr. Walsh tells Franklin Lifestyle. “Our front desk staff go above and beyond to learn everybody - they get to know your family. The last thing we ever want you to feel is that you are a number here. Our
number one priority is to make sure nobody feels like they are being rushed in and out of the door. It’s very family oriented here – warm, inviting but also excellent medical care.”

Preventative health care is one of the the best ways to ensure that your pet has a happy, healthy life and is a primary focus at Goose Creek Pet Hospital. “Come in and get an exam and get established as a patient,” says Dr. Pals. “We’ll start the first
vaccine to protect your pet and send them home with the first dose of dewormer and heartworm preventative, along with flea and tick control. It’s a lot of work up front with puppies because they might have to come in every three weeks until they are four months old, and then it’s once a year after that,” he continues. “Then it’s time to have them spade or neutered.”

“Whatever your priority for your pet is, that’s what we want to help you with,” adds Dr. Walsh. “Because everyone is different. I joke that you are coming into the no judgement zone. We’re going give you all the options and we want you to make the best informed educated decision, but we will support your decision no matter what.”

Along with comprehensive preventative care, services at Goose Creek Pet Hospital range from dental cleanings, geriatric care and laser therapy to soft tissue surgery, infrared sauna therapy, grooming, boarding, and much more. When it comes to your fur babies, Dr. Pals and Dr. Walsh would also advise you to pay attention to how your pet is feeling.

“One thing we see a lot of is GI upset, because dogs and cats eat things that people wouldn’t,” said Dr. Pals. “Sooner rather than later, talk to a vet if your dog is having symptoms and acting different. Pets hide illnesses. They hide pain. They want to act like everything is
fine. By the time you notice something, they could be sick for a week. As soon as you notice, act on it.”

For a full list of services available at Goose Creek Pet Hospital visit www.goosecreekpethospital.com

Top 5 Health Concerns for Dogs and Cats:
1. Preventative care for puppies and kittens. It's much easier to prevent illnesses than it is to treat them. 
2. Dental health. Affects 95% of pets. Keeping your pet's teeth clean is important to their overall health. 
3. Household toxin exposure. For example, dogs can’t eat grapes, onions, garlic, dark chocolate or poinsettias. Ingestion could be fatal.
4. Parasite prevention, including heart worm disease, tick born illnesses, fleas and intestinal parasites. Parasitic infections can possibly infect humans as well as animals.
5. Allergies. Skin allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies all pose risks for your pets. 

Goose Creek Pet Hospital

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