fab'rik Franklin Helps Nashville Rescue Mission Give Hope for a Future To Two Women

Article by Maria Dinoia

Photography by Bryson LaCasse, Nashville Rescue Mission

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

If it wasn't for Nashville Rescue Mission's Women's Recovery Life Program, Pam doesn't know where she'd be. "{This program} has changed me. I just love this place. They have helped me so much. I’m sober and I am just extremely happy that they let someone like me in to this program and it has blessed me so much."

NRM's Women's Recovery Life Program helps women develop the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social tools they need to make realistic, achievable changes in their lives that lead to a better quality of life. The program is designed to help women understand the reasons they struggle with addiction, homelessness, and other broken lifestyles—and what steps they need to take to rebuild their lives on a solid foundation.  

Two recent graduates of the program, Pam and Lory received styling advice and a new outfit from fab'rik Franklin to help celebrate their accomplishment. Lisa Spelta, Director of Major Gifts for NRM says, “Companies like fab’rik help our women who’ve graduated from our life recovery program get the extra help they need to get back out in the world again with confidence.“ Debbi,  owner of fab'rik Franklin adds, "It’s what we do - bringing confidence to women. It’s really what we work toward. We want everyone that leaves here, no matter how they came in, to leave confident, happy and fulfilled."

Giving vulnerable women a chance to shine certainly helps make the world a better place.



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