Is Your Dog Dapper?

California Couple Makes Mobile Grooming Their Business

Meet husband and wife team Jesse and Hannah Davis, owners of Dapper Dog Grooming Co., a mobile pet salon operated out of a large, specifically designed, self-contained van equipped with everything needed to give your pooch or kitty a bath and haircut.

The ease of service offered makes Dapper Dog Grooming a welcome addition to the growing amenities that give Franklin its premier pet-friendly reputation.

Jesse and Hannah have a shared love of animals. Dapper Dog Grooming started 2 1/2 years ago in southern California, but as part of a wider family move, Jesse and Hannah relocated and restarted their business a year ago in Franklin.

Jesse has 15 years of grooming experience under his belt. He learned his craft observing and helping in his mother’s dog grooming business, and he worked at Petco and PetSmart from the bottom up, taking their internal training classes.

Hannah assists Jesse in all of their salon’s grooming services and day-to-day running of the business.

Dapper Dog Grooming offers convenience and excellent expert service going to where pet owners live in Franklin, Brentwood and South Nashville. Typically, the duo grooms five to seven dogs a day, working around the hours of 8 a.m.-6 p.m. during the week. Dogs make up 90% of their business, and 10% is grooming cats.

The van is self-contained, so it requires nothing of the pet owner, such as hooking up to a water outlet. Everything they need to groom your pet is within the van.

Jesse and Hannah are specialists in grooming poodle breeds and poodle mixes. An hour is usually the amount of time needed to groom a small dog. A larger dog requires two hours.

Please call for your specific needs, but as a guideline for a small dog, Dapper Dog Grooming charges $55 plus tax to bathe and groom or $85 plus tax to do a haircut and groom. Cat grooming costs more.

Dapper Dog Grooming can accommodate special requests, like affixing bows to your newly cleaned and trimmed dog, and allotting extra time and materials to clean up your pet after it has been “skunked!”

Certainly, the pair must be doing something right as they are regularly booked, and clients come mostly through word of mouth.

It’s great to see a successful beginning of a small business in Franklin, and this isn’t it for Jesse and Hannah. They are exploring their options for opening a brick-and-mortar store or purchasing a second mobile salon.

Make sure you applaud their hard work and efforts and spread the word as you see their white van with the "Dapper Dog" in a top hat logo around your neighborhood.

Call or text 805.908.5745 for booking.

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