Olympian Construction Company Raises the Bar

Local Builders, World-Class Standards

Olympian Construction Company is a full-service general contractor and construction management firm located on Center Point Road in Hendersonville. The company designs and builds structures for a wide variety of clients, including commercial, industrial, educational, religious and governmental entities.

Raymond Crump and Scot Robinson, managing members of the company, understand that any organization bearing the name “Olympian” must be expected to live up to high ideals.

“When we formed our firm, we thought a great deal about the name ‘Olympian’ and what it means,” Raymond says. “To us, it means hard work, dedication and team spirit—all of the things that we wanted Olympian to be.”

After its founding in 1996, Olympian operated in Nashville until 2009, when the firm relocated to Hendersonville.

“Over time, the daily Nashville commute began to wear on us,” Raymond says. “As computer and internet technology progressed, we realized that we could operate our firm just as effectively in Hendersonville as anywhere else.”

During the past 23 years, Olympian has completed more than 1,150 projects throughout the Southeast, Ohio, Maryland and Utah.

Locally, the company has been responsible for many highly visible projects in Hendersonville and Sumner County. Some of the more notable ones include Jonathan’s Grille, the Goddard School, Hallmark Hyundai, the Pain Management Group and Pioneer Coach.

Although Olympian is in the construction business, Raymond and Scot believe their firm stands for much more. To them, their business is all about relationships.

“At Olympian, we don’t just build buildings; we build relationships,” Scot says. “The relationships that we have with our clients are everything.”

“We don’t have a single client that we have done a project for with whom we don’t have a relationship after the job is finished,” Raymond adds.

This approach has helped the firm achieve repeat business from many of their customers. For example, Olympian builds more than 30 O’Reilly Auto Parts stores throughout the Southeast each year.

Along with taking care of their clients, Scot and Raymond also love to give back to the community. One example of their commitment to Hendersonville was their support for the construction of Mary’s Magical Place, an all-inclusive playground located in Veterans Park.

“We are happy that we were able to help Mary’s Magical Place become a reality,” Scot says. “We provided project management services, coordinated subcontractors, and we were able to get a lot of materials donated.”

Over the years, Olympian’s growth and success have come about largely due to Raymond’s and Scot’s commitment to their company ideals.

“Success comes from having good people, dedication, reputation, integrity—doing what’s right, treating people fairly,” Raymond says. “We believe that if you do the right thing, then you can do no wrong.”

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